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Students exchange coaching techniques with Dutch counterparts

Date: 18th May 2012
HollandThe group will be showing the Dutch students around Petroc when they visit this month

A group of fitness students from Petroc Barnstaple have recently returned from a two week educational visit to Zwolle in the Netherlands.

The 11 Level 2 and 3 personal training and fitness diploma young learners spent a fortnight at Deltion College, east of Amsterdam, to learn about how sport is taught abroad and to pick up new coaching skills and increase adaptability to help them when looking for work in the future.

The trip was funded by the Leonardo Project, a European scheme which specifically supports activities to increase the employability of workers, learners, trainees and staff.

Lee Weston, a sports lecturer at Petroc, went to Holland with the group.

“The visit was a real eye-opener for the students,” he said.

“They quickly learnt that the Dutch students are more employment-orientated and independent when it comes to student led learning. They were surprised to learn that the students in Zwolle are expected to work in the college gym and organise their own sporting events.

“Hopefully the trip has made them more focused on what experience is needed to secure employment once they finish their course,” he added.

Because of the language barrier the aspiring coaches had to alter their teaching style.

“Coaching the Dutch students really challenged their leadership abilities and they had to adapt fast and use other methods of communication and include more demonstrations,” added Lee.

Throughout the two weeks the students were also able to increase their knowledge of a number of sports, including squash and korfball, which are both very popular at Deltion College.

Later this month the students from Deltion College will be visiting North Devon and Petroc’s fitness students will be giving them a taste of College life and teaching them traditional British sports, such as lacrosse and netball.

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