Application Session for Year 11

Welcome to the Year 11 Applications Session. If you are thinking about applying for a course at Petroc in September or October 2020, this session will help guide you through your options, as well as supporting you to complete an application. 

You may find the one perfect course for you, or you may have a few options in mind. On your application there is the option to apply for up to three different courses. This could be three different vocational courses, or a mixture - eg - An A-levels programme (one course choice), a Vocational course, and an Apprenticeship. 

Our application process is a flexible one. This means that if you want to make changes to your application at any point, or add or delete course choices, you can do this at any point over the next few months. 

To complete your session, please follow the steps below.  



Discover the different pathways available using our new online Choices tool. You can explore the different course pathways available at college, including A-level, Vocational and Apprenticeship courses. 



Find the right course for you, and find out more about the college by searching the course options on our School Leavers page. Here you can look at the courses that Petroc offers in each pathway.



Apply for your course

  • On the course subject page, click on ‘Apply now’.
  • The course will then be added to your shopping basket.
  • If you would like to add another course, find the next course page and click ‘Apply now’ - it will be added to the basket along with with your other choice.
  • When you have finished adding courses, go to your shopping basket and click ‘Complete Application’.



Telephone Call 

We will contact you to arrange a time to call to you, discuss your course choices and confirm your place. 



If you would like to speak to someone about which course is right for you, or need help completing your application, we can support you through the process by arranging an Advice and Guidance Appointment, where you can choose a time to have a call back.  

Once you complete an application, and accept a place on a course, you will have access to all the same features as our current students, including the Petroc App and our AI Digital learning platform. Here you can start to get a real feel for both your course and the student experience, even before you start in September!