If you have any questions about your course, college life, how to apply, or are just looking for some support, advice and guidance, we are offering 15-minute 1:1 call-back sessions with our team of subject specialist lecturers and advisers.

Whether you have already applied, are unsure about your choice, or have not yet submitted your application, simply book a slot at a time to suit you, provide us with your details, and our experts will call you back!


Our experts are waiting for your questions - book today!


Not sure if you’ve made the right choice?

Don’t worry, you are not alone - deciding your next steps can be tricky.

Simply book a session with our experts in the subject area you have applied for, and another session in an area you might be interested in. Our subject specialists will help put your mind at ease - we want you to be 100% happy with the course you have chosen!


Haven’t applied yet, or need some help applying?

There’s still time to apply!

Our friendly Information, Advice & Guidance Team are available to help walk you through the process, look into course options and help you make your final decisions. The team can also help with any questions about applying for transport and the college bursary.

You can just drop them a message on Live Chat - our on-line chat platform - which will be available on our website throughout the evening.


Don’t want a phone call but still have questions?

Just complete the registration form, put your questions in the details section, and our experts will email you a response.


Our experts are waiting for your questions - book today!


‘Ask our Experts’ bookings will close on Monday 26 April.