Petroc is committed to continuing to provide quality education for all, whether online or in person. The information below explains how Petroc is supporting its students with remote/digital learning during COVID-19, so that you know what to expect if you need to self-isolate or if a national lockdown requires you to remain at home.


Delivery and assessment arrangements 

A blended timetable has been operating since September 2020 to ensure the college was kept open for as many learners as possible. During lockdown, all learning has been moved online with the exception of the in-college offer for vulnerable/critical and EHCP students. 

Online lessons and tutorials are delivered either through Microsoft Teams, Google Classroom or Zoom digital platforms. Moodle is also used as a Virtual Learning Environment.

All learners will follow their normal teaching timetable. Lessons are delivered as they would be in the classroom, with aims and objectives made clear to all learners at the start and end of each lesson.

Tutorials continue to take place remotely on a weekly basis. 

Petroc continues to deliver support to students particularly with regards to Safeguarding and Mental Health. The Advice & Guidance Team are also on hand to offer help with funding, free meals and career support.

Below is an outline of the remote education that will be made available for different learner cohorts:

  • 16 to 19 learners: Personalised learning timetable combining online lessons and pre-prepared work which can be accessed at any time by learners. 16-19 Study Programmes generally use Google classroom and receive feedback via submission to Google drive.
  • Apprentices: Individualised to meet learner entitlement and employer needs. Apprentices use One File as a means for submitting work and receiving feedback.
  • Adult learners: Flexible delivery is available to meet the needs of individuals as many adults are at home supervising their children’s learning. Feedback is through a mixture of Google drive or Moodle.


Expectations of students

Petroc’s Community Code of Conduct of Ready, Respectful, Safe determines that all students are expected to attend lessons punctually as determined by their timetable and attendance is recorded on a register. As lessons are timetabled, and learners receive notifications to inform them when the lesson is due to begin, we do not expect absences from lessons. Students are expected to engage with online lessons, keep up the pace, and undertake all tasks set in order to support their success.

All GCSE learners are expected to access Petroc Pace in addition to their online classroom learning.

To aid engagement, learners are asked to keep their cameras on during lessons where possible (with a blurred or alternative background). Learners should be dressed appropriately and behaviour should be as would be expected in a classroom environment.


Arrangements for students studying courses that require specialist equipment or facilities

A significant majority of learners will be learning digitally and remotely and will be assessed digitally. A significant minority of learners will learn remotely with paper-based learning materials.  

Learners permitted to access the site during lockdown will be expected to have an asymptomatic Covid test prior to learning, when the testing process has been confirmed and is in place.  Petroc will seek the learner’s permission for testing.

Learners who have an entitlement to education on site will be recorded and information returned to the DfE.  This includes learners who have SEND (EHCP), are vulnerable or the children of critical/key workers.


Support for students without devices, connectivity or a suitable environment for learning.

Petroc has loaned college Chromebooks or laptops to students without devices. Students are also able to access Google classroom via PS4 and XBox.

The Department for Education is working in partnership with mobile network operators to help schools support disadvantaged pupils who rely on mobile internet connection when schools and colleges are closed. Mobile data providers include EE, Three, Sky Mobile, SMARTY, Tesco Mobile, Virgin Mobile.


Support for students with SEND

Preparation for Adulthood and Foundation Learning Students have been offered a blended curriculum of in-college curriculum provision and remote learning with support of LSA’s. Students are contacted by tutors and LSA’s through a variety of communication ensuring that two-way communication is established. 

Students with additional needs within mainstream provision are contacted at least once a week by LSA’s, Learning Advocates or the SEND Team.  

Additional Learning Support 1:1 sessions continue online and in college for those who cannot access online support.

ALS tutors are supporting their learners in maths and English classes online.

Learners who cannot access online learning without support are coming into college to the HUB - this is open every day in term time.

Learners with Autism are accessing the POD  - Petroc’s Autism Provision - this is open every day in term time.

LSA’s are in the Google classrooms and provide regular curriculum support through emails, phone calls or their preferred communication methods during and after the lessons.

Learners are supported by the ALS admin team with technology requests, including Chromebooks, headphones and assistive technology. 


Informing our students and parents

Petroc has provided, and continues to provide, information for students (and parents) of our remote education offer through various channels: Social media (which has included video messages from the Principal), via email, Student Newsletters and Parent Newsletters. Specific information has also been sent to parents of students who have SEND.

The senior leader with overarching responsibility for the quality and delivery of remote education is Jane Hanson, Vice Principal Quality Curriculum and Learners.