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17+ Project LIFE - Supported Internship Programme

Entry Level 3
Course Code:
Mid Devon Campus
One year

The Supported Internship Programme offers a personalised, supported pathway into employment. This flexible study programme includes: - Vocational profiling - Carefully matched work placements with local employers - On-the-job training with expert job coaches - Employability skills supporting soft skills in the workplace - Functional Skills - Tutorial

This Supported Internship Programme offers a personalised supported pathway into employment for young adults with an EHCP and the overriding desire to gain employment.


The Supported Internship Programme is designed for those young adults who have an EHCP and the desire to gain paid employment however may not access employment using expected routes.

This flexible study programme includes on-the-job training with a local employer supported by expert job coaches, an employability programme looking at the soft skills of employment, vocational profiling to identify a student's skills and qualities and the chance to study for relevant qualifications, where appropriate.

Work placements will be sought to meet the skills, qualities and aspirations of the young person. Locality and ability to travel will also be taken into consideration when sourcing an appropriate placement.

During tutorial sessions we will also work together looking at moving on from the college environment and the skills and strategies that may be required to make this a smooth transition.
On-going assessment through internship diaries, employer feedback, tutor observation and employability skills modules undertaken in college.
For all learners joining Entry Level Study Programmes, there are no formal entry requirements. Learners on these programmes will study English and Maths at an appropriate level to suit their ability. Students will have a one-to-one interview to discuss their personal learning needs.

There is no formal entry requirement. An aspiration and desire to seek paid employment is the key requirement to success.
An informal interview is essential.
The ultimate aim for the Internship Programme is to gain paid employment. However, students always show increased confidence and the desire to explore their future. Students may go on to an apprenticeship.
If you require any further information on this course, please call the Supported Learning Department on 01884 235238.
Q: Will I get support when I go into the workplace?
A: Yes, we have trained job coaches that will support you until you and the employer feel you are integrated into the workforce and ready to work with colleague support.

Q: Will I be doing English and Maths?
A: Your one day in college will include functional skills.

Q: What are employment soft skills?
A: These are the skills you use as part of a workforce: communication, team working; problem solving and areas that student identify as being challenging.

Q: How will I get to work?
A: We will try and source a placement near to your home or support you to travel independently

Q: How long will the job coach stay with me?
A: The job coach will stay until you no longer need them

How often do I have to come to college?
You come into college one day a week and spend over 14 hours a week in work