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Access to Higher Education in Art and Design Diploma Part Time

Level 3 Vocational
Course Code:
North Devon Campus
Two years

The aim of this part time course is to open doors to Higher Education study for applicants who do not have the specific A-level qualification pre-requisites or vocational equivalents that would normally be needed to enter a degree programme.

The course includes core modules and specialist modules that will enable you to progress to the degree of your choice in your chosen pathway.


There are many reasons why this course may suit you: you may be a student who has completed some qualifications and can show the right level of skill and maturity for this programme; you may be a mature applicant and have not studied A-levels but possess a wealth of work and experience in art or design; you may have decided on a change of career or study direction and have qualifications in others subject areas; or, you may just feel that you can use this course to consolidate or enhance your subject knowledge.

The Access to Higher Education Diploma in Art and Design course can be studied both as a full-time or part-time course dependent upon your personal circumstances and commitments to work and family. The course is intense and demands a great deal from you. You will need to be self-disciplined and you will be encouraged and supported to attempt to find your own distinct approach to your studentship. This will of course be done with encouragement and you will be supported at all stages of your development. You will be expected to explore unfamiliar and sometimes uncomfortable concepts and ideas. New materials and techniques will be offered to enhance your artistic toolbox. You will need to make yourself aware of contemporary trends in all areas of the arts, literature, film, theatre, music and the broadcast media. You will also explore the historical contexts, out of which the contemporary arts have developed.
The course in basic terms works much like a foundation diploma course; it offers a transitional period of adjustment from whatever your start-point is, through an exploratory phase to help you discover a vantage point for yourself within the broad framework of the field of art and design, which will ultimately lead you to your specialising and progression into university (upon successful completion of the programme). In practical terms, the course will involve working in a variety of studio spaces and workshops, base room, print, photography and 3D for example. The course timetable is designed to allow you to make the best use of the facilities. In this respect, you will need to make best use of your time.

The Course Aims:
- To provide a broad-based educational experience in the practice of art and design which is rigorous and analytical.
- To act as a transitional platform to Higher Education .
- To provide an opportunity to explore and experiment with a range of media and subjects in order to develop individual knowledge and personal beliefs, practical skills and self-critical abilities.
- To offer an individual the opportunities to express themselves and to foster development through the study of theoretical and practical issues in art and design.

The Course Objectives:
1. On successful completion of the course, students should be able to demonstrate a level of intellectual, critical and practical skills which will indicate the potential for pertinent progression.
2. In particular, the students should be able to show:
- an ability to generate innovative ideas and to apply the appropriate method and range of materials in order to make those ideas concrete
- the appropriate skills and practical abilities to enable formal development of ideas
- the ability to evaluate their work and the work of others in the context of the field of art and design and to evaluate their practice in the broader social, cultural and historical contexts
- the ability to communicate effectively in written, oral and visual forms
- the ability to demonstrate self-motivation and independence within the study and practice of art and design
You will have a portfolio assessment as well as ongoing review.
Prospective students need to apply online and all applicants will be interviewed with a portfolio of work.
Students will normally progress to Foundation Degrees in Fine Art, Illustration or Ceramics at Petroc and some students do apply to universities elsewhere in the country.
The programme has opportunities to explore your ideas in many subject specialisms such as ceramics, illustration, fine art, photography, film, architecture, textiles or 3D Design, for which we have purpose built studios and subject specific staff. The Learning Resources Centre is available, as well as online resources.
Please contact the Guidance Centre on 01271 338125 for more information