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Land Based Studies; Animal - Level 1 - Full-time (North Devon)

Level 1
Course Code:
North Devon Campus
One year

Do you have a passion for animal welfare? Do you like learning practically? This study programme offers a great introduction to the essentials of animal care and can lead on to a Level 2 qualification in animal management.

The animal centre at Petroc is a fantastic environment in which to learn to handle and care for a range of small animals.


This City and Guilds course can lead on to higher level animal courses through further education at Petroc.

Practical lessons in our animal unit will allow you to develop your practical animal care skills, including animal feeding, accommodation, as well as improve your confidence. Lessons in classrooms will allow you to put into practice your knowledge of animals, as well as allowing you to develop and thrive as an individual.

To achieve good grades, you will need to be able to link your classroom learning to your practical animal care. The units you will be studying include:
- Safe and effective working practices in land-based industries
- Develop performance in land-based industries
- Assist with maintaining the health and well-being of animals
- Assist with the movement, handling and accommodation of animals
- Assist with feeding and watering animals
- Assist with the preparation and maintenance of animal accommodation
- Assist with the handling and restraint of animals

This course forms part of a study programme which includes Maths, English, Tutorials and a range of other activities to make your time at college as successful as possible. Maths and English will be studied at a level to allow you to build upon the skills you have at the start of the course.
Assessments are a mixture of practicals, discussions, online tests and some written work.
All entrants must hold 4 GCSEs at grade 2 or equivalent or above, preferably including Maths and English.
Entrants who do not have a GCSE grade 3 in Maths and/or English will continue studying these subjects.
At the end of the year, you are expected to have completed and achieved all the components of your Level 1 Study Programme and improved your Maths and English skills before progressing to your next course.

You will be required to have evidence of some work experience in a relevant setting by the time you start the course.
Once you have successfully completed the Level 1 Diploma in Land Based Studies, you may be able to progress on to the Level 2 Diploma in Animal Care. You may also be able to secure full- or part-time employment.
We have a dedicated Animal Centre at Petroc. The range of animals and specialist equipment develop students' skills to allow them to compete in a highly-competitive job market. These facilities include a tropical room, rodent room, guinea pig and rabbit room, Blue Cross re-homing cattery, aviary and an outside enclosure for goats.

At the Petroc Dog Grooming Studio we have specialist equipment to provide anything from a basic bath and dry, to a full groom including a nail clip and ear clean. The studio is open to the public and gives students the opportunity to engage with customers and hone their skills on visiting canine clients.
On your first day at college, you'll need to bring your GCSE certificates and details of any work experience you may have had to complete as part of your offer conditions for a place on the course.
Learners can expect to pay an additional cost of £25 (approx.) for a set of overalls to work in the animal centre.
Please contact the Advice & Guidance Centre on 01271 852422 for more information.
Q: Will I have to handle a species I have a phobia of?
A: A phobia is a very personal thing. You will not be made to handle a species, but you will be encouraged and supported to overcome your phobia at your pace.

Q: Will I need any work experience to get a place on the course?
A: All applications are considered on an individual basis, but work experience with animals is often asked for. Even if you have kept your own pets, this can be very different to working in the animal industry. This also enables you to make an informed decision about your future career aims.