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Foundation Degree in Illustration - North Devon

Level 4-5
Course Code:
HEB017 / W220
Brannams Campus
Two years, full time; three years, part time.

This course develops skills and ideas within illustration. Within art and design, illustration is a visually dynamic means of communication and is wide and varied. Study includes practical and theoretical work embracing individual and group activities. We have well-equipped and well-stocked busy studios with an energetic atmosphere and friendly working environment.

We have a unique form of assessment which makes the process as transparent and friendly as possible.


Illustration is a visually dynamic means of communication and demands imaginative, creative, versatile students willing to develop their own voice. This course aims to help you develop the skills and ideas necessary for the evolving world of contemporary illustrative practice.
We have busy studios which are well-equipped, offer an energetic atmosphere and a friendly environment. Study includes practical and theoretical work embracing individual and collaborative activities.
In Stage 1, the curriculum offers exploration into the main genres of illustration, figure and character work, books and book binding, the opportunity to explore new technical processes with different staff, and, a module based around working with the public and a location (Work Based Learning).
This stage is one of building skills, being playful and increasing confidence in order to take creative risks. Each practical module is front-loaded with workshops to develop critical skills, semiotics and ideas generation. E.g. as well as broadened practical experience, print, figure drawing etc., students are encouraged to challenge themselves, break boundaries, create, invent, explore and resolve ideas.

In Stage 2, students focus on their strengths, skills and personal passions to produce work with personality, and start to explore specific markets and genres. Students at this point also determine what qualities they want to improve upon and areas they wish to research, bringing professional and entrepreneurial skills to their illustration.
There are Critical and Contextual and Professional Practice modules running alongside the practical modules that build critical understanding of theoretical and contemporary illustrative contexts; these are designed to help you see yourself as a practising illustrator and to prepare you for possible further study.
Assessments for practical projects happen at the end of each module. Students present their work to two staff and a student 'buddy' who records the session. Feedback is given by staff and marks awarded and explained. The assessed student and buddy can then discuss the feedback and summarise the positive key elements.
Candidates should have 32 UCAS points, preferably in an art related subject. Applications are welcome from students with non-traditional or non-academic backgrounds, however you may be asked to submit further evidence to support your application. The most important requirement is a portfolio of work which you will present at interview. This could be wide ranging in content and should demonstrate your potential as an illustration student.
Upon successful completion, students may be able to progress to the third year of the BA (Hons) Illustration at Plymouth University. You may also be able to progress to the part time BA Professional Development (Creative Industries) award delivered at Petroc. This award is held one day per week for two years enabling you to undertake your practice whilst completing your degree.
Our degrees are studied in purpose-built facilities at our University Centre at our Brannams Campus with large light studios and workshops. The University Centre also includes our own Goodwin Gallery that has national and local exhibitions, and The Factory, an 800-capacity music venue hosting a diverse programme of events.
You will need a basic art kit, an A3 sketchbook, a smile and your own mug for tea or coffee.

Foundation Degree in Illustration - North Devon
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