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BA (Hons) Professional Development (Business & Management)

Level 6
Course Code:
Brannams Campus
Two years, part time.

The BA (Hons) in Professional Development (Business) is one of only a handful of programmes across the country that draws on the latest theories, methods and practices to develop your leadership style. Progressive leaders use ideas from the complexity sciences to develop more fluid and innovative businesses approaches. If you want to be one of these people, this course if for you.

We honour what it means to be human by providing a space to learn from your emotional, intuitive and logical experiences of work. Many organisations focus only on the rational/logical, leaving no space for emotion, or intuition. This can lead to poor health, unmotivated staff, and poorer quality. We also explore the success of 'next stage' organisations to unveil the human potential at work.


Leadership is a practice, and as such, can be learnt and developed over time. This program is designed to introduce you to the latest tools and techniques to make an impact now, and develop an effective approach to your continued professional development.
In particular, this programme will:
-Help you explore a range of perspectives on the nature of leadership and organisations;
-Help you reflect on your current views of leadership and organisations, and how these relate to your own lived experience; and.
-Encourage you to slow down and attend to their lived experience of being in organisations long enough for new ways of making sense of your experience to emerge.
You will be engaged in a range of individual and team assessments. There is a balance of traditional written assignments, professional posters and team projects.
To enter this course, you will need to have completed a Level 5 qualification in a relevant area, such as Foundation Degree in Business or Management; an HND or HNC; or, CMI or ILM Diploma Level 5.
You do not need to be a recent graduate; if you are not sure, please give us a call to check your eligibility.
At present, this programme is the highest level qualification offered by Petroc; however, students who gain this qualification will be entitled, and encouraged, to enrol on programmes of post-graduate study such as MA, MBA and PhD programmes at a range of UK universities.
The programme is delivered at our dedicated University Centre at the Brannams Campus in Roundswell, Barnstaple.
If you require any further information regarding this course, please contact Lee Norburn by emailing
Q. What is the pass rate for this course?
A. The BA (Hons) Business and Management has a pass rate of over 90% which is above national benchmarks.

Q. Do students have to purchase text books for this course?
A. There is a core reading list for each module and these books are available in our Learning Resource Centres.

Q. Is this course suitable for mature students?
A. Yes, there is a diverse range of ages and backgrounds on this programme.

BA (Hons) Professional Development (Business & Management)
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