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BSc (Hons) Engineering (Integrated Technologies)

Level 6
Course Code:
HEB126 / G402
North Devon Campus
One year full time; Two years part time

This engineering degree enables students to engage with how mechanical, electrical, electronic and digital technologies combine to develop engineering solutions. You will gain the skills to apply technology to engineering problems and processes, and maintain and manage current technology - sometimes within a multidisciplinary engineering environment. This programme will encourage you to be forward-thinking and embrace new technologies.

"Engineering is concerned with the art and practice of changing the world we live in. Driven by the needs of society and business, engineers strive to find solutions to complex challenges. They work to achieve useful and beneficial outcomes that enhance the welfare, health and safety of all whilst paying due regard to the environment”. UK Engineering Council


This programme will develop your understanding of, and intellect for, the parameters of engineering industries, the application of project management, and the ethos and skills for career-long professional development. The following subjects will form the basis of your studies:

Leadership and Enterprise in Engineering:
This area will focus on leadership and enterprise within the engineering industry. You will develop your critical knowledge and understanding of leadership practices and evaluate the commercial, economic and social context in which the engineering sector inhabits.

Engineering Project Management:
You will develop a thorough knowledge and understanding of project management - through aligning theory and practice and encouraging detailed evaluation. You will also develop communication skills through written reporting of processes, and verbal presentation of practice.

Professional Development for Contemporary and Future Engineering Sectors:
In this section you will gain an understanding of professional development planning, goal setting and lifelong learning. You will be given the tools required to plan strategically for your future career through reflection of your current experience and learning and evaluation of the employment sectors relevant to engineers.

Integrating Technologies for Contemporary and Future Engineering Sectors:
You will develop your understanding of the integration of mechanical, electrical, electronic, and computing technologies in the solutions of contemporary and future engineering. You will also gain the knowledge of how to synthesise, employ and showcase these technologies.

Individual Engineering Project:
You will be required to undertake a work-based, industry-focused or academic inquiry of an engineering problem. Knowledge gained throughout your studies will enable you to identify a focus for your inquiry that may relate to either integrated technologies or mechanical, electrical and electronic or digital technologies as appropriate.

By enrolling on this course, you will become part of SWIoT – the South West Institute of Technology. SWIoT is a unique collaboration between Petroc and a number of prestigious higher and further education partners; designed to provide innovative technical education and deliver a skilled local workforce, economic growth, and prosperity to the South West.

*Course is subject to approval by the University of Plymouth
Assessment will be through a combination of coursework and practical work consisting of interim reports and moderator interview, poster and project discussion, final report, research log book, group trade show stand and poster defence, plus an engineering solution pitch.
You will receive either a Pass or Fail on your assessment.
You will need to have successfully completed a foundation degree or equivalent in an engineering, computing or digital technology discipline.
On successful completion of this programme, you will have the skills and knowledge to implement current and evolving technologies in the workplace. You may also wish to further your studies at MSc Level 7.
This programme will be taught at the Engineering Centre of Excellence, which is a specialist training and assessment facility for engineering and manufacturing students. The centre contains high-tech CAD facilities, 3D printing, electronics design and assembly, a fabrication and welding workshop, CNC and manual machining, and a bench fitting workshop.
Note-taking is expected so please bring paper, ring binder, scientific calculating device (calculator, tablet and mobile phone app), memory device.
Please contact the HE Team on 01271 852335 for more information.
Q: Are there examinations?
A: Examinations are not a planned assessment method in this programme.

Q: Do I need to know about all of the disciplines when I start?
A: No, you will bring to the programme the knowledge and skills gained at college and in the workplace as well as life skills.

Q: Will I have to do CPD or PDP?
A: Yes, the programme is focused on your development toward becoming an incorporated technologist, engineer or higher, and this is one key element that is needed by the institutions.

Q: How will CPD take place?
A: You will attend a number of technical and academic training sessions which will link to your personal development plan.

Q: How much practical work is there?
A: You will carry out practical work exercises across a number of disciplines on a regular basis.

Q: Will I need to commit to time outside of college?
A: Yes, working for this level of study requires some self-discipline to study outside of class, however the resources at college are available throughout the week, so you will be encouraged to work in college to complete tasks in addition to teaching sessions.

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Course Fees

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