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General Data Protection Regulation - GDPR (CPD)

Level 1
Course Code:
Online Learning
Four hours

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect in Europe on 25th May 2018 and was designed to modernise laws that protect the personal information of individuals. It is essential that anyone who handles personal information is aware of GDPR and how to adhere to it in their work practices. By completing this course, you will be equipped with a greater understanding of GDPR, including how to apply its principles in your work and how it promotes the rights of individuals in relation to data collection and management.

Perfect for an introduction to a subject or a subject refresher.


This course is split into four manageable sections:

Section one: What is GDPR?

Section two: Principles of GDPR

Section three: Rights of the individual under GDPR

Section four: Your role in relation to GDPR.
This course will be automatically assessed online and you will receive an e-certificate upon completion.
After completing this course, you may wish to study the Level 2 Certificate in Principles of Business Administration.
You will need access to the internet.
Please contact the Recreation Team on 01271 852356 for more information.

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