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Certificate in the Principles of Team Leading

Level 2
Course Code:
Distance / Blended Learning
16 weeks

All businesses need good leaders in order to be successful, and an effective team leader will make sure that their team is happy and motivated within the workplace. This course will develop and improve your practical and communication skills in order to become a successful team leader and improve performance and morale within the workplace.

"I found the course very enjoyable to complete, it had its challenges, which has increased my skills and knowledge in my job role at work, my tutor sent me helpful feedback and further links to reference."


Capable, confident team leaders are highly valued by any business. This comprehensive course is designed to give you a solid foundation in the understanding principles of team leading, business and effective communication.

Unit 1 - Principles of team leading
This unit provides you with an understanding of leadership styles in organisations. You will develop knowledge of team dynamics and the techniques used to manage the work of teams. You will also gain an appreciation of the impact of change management and how a motivated team affects an organisation.

Unit 2 - Understand business
This unit equips you with an understanding of organisational structures and the business environment. You will gain knowledge in the principles of business planning and finance within an organisation, as well as business reporting, management responsibilities and accountabilities within an organisation.

Unit 3 - Understand how to communicate work-related information
In this unit you will gain an understanding of the principles and techniques of work-related communication both verbally and in writing. I will also develop your knowledge of a range of documents required for different types of meetings in a business environment.

Unit 4 - Understand how to manage performance and conflict in the workplace
This unit enables you to develop your knowledge of team performance management through bench marking. You will develop knowledge of managing individual underperformance and conflict in the workplace.

Unit 5 - Principles of equality and diversity in the workplace
This unit develops your understanding of standards and expectations for equality and diversity in the workplace. You will be able to identify the potential consequences for failing to comply with relevant legislation.

Unit 6 - Understand how to develop working relationships with colleagues
This unit provides you with an understanding of the principles of effective team working. You will be able to identify what is expected of a buddy and techniques for providing feedback.

Unit 7 - Understand health and safety procedures in the workplace
This unit aims to provide you with an understanding of individual health and safety responsibilities and laws affecting the workplace.

Unit 8 - Understand how to develop and deliver a presentation (Level 3)
This unit equips you with the principles underpinning the development and delivery of presentations. You will describe the advantages and limitations of various forms of media. You will also describe factors affecting contingency plans and different methods of evaluating presentations.
Each unit is assessed though short answer questions. Assessments are completed online via our online assessment platform or you can request paper-based assessments that you will need to post back to us.
There are no specific entry requirements for this course. This is a knowledge based qualification and therefore a good level of literacy, reading and writing is essential.

You must be over 19 and resident in the UK or EU country for at least 3 years.

The 'Principles of Team Leading' is a comprehensive course and we would recommend that you have some prior knowledge and experience of leading a team.
On successful completion of this qualification you could progress to:
NCFE Level 3 Certificate in Management
NCFE Level 3 Diploma in Management

It may also be useful to you if you are looking to studying qualifications or work in the following sector areas:

Travel and Tourism
Sport, Leisure and Recreation
Health, Public Services and Care
Engineering and Manufacturing
You will receive a study pack which contains your learning resources, study plan, study guide and how to access the online assessment platform. If you want to complete paper-based assessment you will have the option to request these when you enrol.

This course is also available fully online - learning materials and assessments
This is a distance / home study course, so you can study at your own pace and at a time to suit you. A subject specialist tutor will be allocated to you and you can email them should you have any questions relating to your course.

It is important that you can work independently and be dedicated to set time aside each week for your studies, we recommend that you allow a minimum of 4 to 6 hours a week. Remember that your study time counts towards your CPD - Continuing Professional Development

There is no cost for this qualification. However, if you do not complete your course inside the agreed timescale without a valid reason there will be a charge of £100.

For more information call Steve or Lida on 01271 852354 or email

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