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First Steps in Counselling and Helping Skills

Level 1
Course Code:
4 weeks

This course introduces you to the first steps in counselling and helping skills. It is aimed at those looking to develop their ability to listen, communicate and improve their helping skills in supporting others. If you are interested in counselling then this short E-learning course is the first step towards the Level 2 Award in Introduction to Counselling Skills.

Full E-learning course introducing the basics of counselling and helping skills


Unit 1 - What is Counselling
In this first unit you will look at the different approaches to counselling and understand the importance of the counsellor / client relationship. You will look at the ethical framework and core conditions a counsellor should offer his clients.

Unit 2 - What counselling does and doesn't offer
This unit looks at the different types of counsellor and what counselling does and doesn't offer. You will also explore the key factors which distinguish counselling relations from others.

Unit 3 - Self-awareness
The content of this units looks at self-awareness and its importance in counselling and helping skills. You will also look at body language and understand what is meant by 'internal rules for living'.

Unit 4 - Empathy
This unit focuses on empathy and why it is important in the role of a counsellor. You will look at potential blocks to empathy and how empathy is developed.

Unit 5 - Who comes for counselling and why
This unit looks at the different types of people who may come for counselling and how it can help them. It also looks at the benefits that can be expected from counselling.

Unit 6 - Communication and active listening
In this unit you will understand the importance of communication and being a good listener. It will introduce you to the key elements of active listening and the importance of questioning techniques in a counselling role.

Unit 7 - Different types of counselling
This unit looks at the different types of counselling that are available and how counselling skills can be used professionally and personally.
Each unit has a short self-assessment quiz and the option for you to keep a reflective log. On completion of all the units and assessments you will receive an online badge and a "Certificate of Participation" will be emailed out to you.
There are no pre-entry requirements for this course.
Award in Introduction to Counselling Skills Level 2
This course is studied online. You can access the learning materials on a PC or tablet via your web browser.
Q. How do I enrol on this course?
A. To enrol on this course click on the 'Apply Now' button and complete the enrolment and payment process. You will receive and e mail with a link to our e learning platform and an enrolment key to active the course.

Q. Is this course considered as CIPD?
A. If the content of this course is relevant to your job role then then your study time on this course can be counted as CPD - Continuous Professional Development

Course Fees

Total Fee: £20