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Certificate in Fitness Instructing - Gym (Evening) - Level 2 - Part-time (North Devon)

Level 2
Course Code:
North Devon Campus
Starts 30th October 2019 - 14 weeks - one evening per week, plus assessment.

This qualification is aimed at the learner who wants to pursue a career in the health and fitness industry as a fitness instructor in the context of gym-based exercise. It is fundamental for progression to Personal Trainer or Level 3 Exercise Referral.

A key course for starting your career in the fitness industry.


This course is made up of blended learning units, so learners can expect to do a total of approximately 20 hours home study. The blended learning should be carried out before the practical elements commence. This is assessed via multiple choice assessment.

The practical element of this course will be delivered both in the classroom and a practical gym space on a Wedneday evening from 6.15-9.15.

The course will be supported with an online google classroom.

Teaching will end in March and the assessments will be carried out April to June.
There are a range of assessments which include worksheets, a multiple choice examination and practical observations of teaching.
There are no pre-requisites attached to this course, but you should have a keen interest in attending gym sessions and have an ability to study for an anatomy and physiology multiple choice exam paper.
This course is a pre-requisite for Level 3 Personal Trainer.
There are also other Level 2 courses you can do, once you have achieved the Gym Instructor qualification, including: Indoor Cycling, Exercise to Music, Circuit and Step.
The course will be taught in a variety of learning environments. These will include the fitness studio and our well-resourced gym.
There will be a requirement to purchase manuals for some modules. These will enable you to focus the right knowledge on your practical development and assessment.
Please bring with you a ring binder, A4 pad, pens and highlighters, as well as a memory stick for saving your work.
If you require any further information about this course, please contact Jane Sharkey by emailing
Q: Do I need to be super fit to attend the course?
A: No, however you should be a regular gym participant.

Q: Will I be too old to do the course?
A: Some of the best students have been mature students; life experience enhances the skills of the fitness professional.

Q: What do I wear for the course?
A: Sportswear with sports trainers are sufficient for the course. College polo shirts can be purchased.

Course Fees

Total Fee: £409