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Childcare & Education (Early Years Educator) - Level 3 - Full-time (Mid Devon)

Level 3 Vocational
Course Code:
Mid Devon Campus
Two years

This course prepares learners to become Early Years Educators, enabling them to work with children from birth to 5 years and gain knowledge of children aged 5 to 7 years.

Integrated in the course is one week of external visits and interactive workshops to explore and develop student's knowledge and skills as childcare practitioners.


This course contains a wealth of learning about children's development, designed to raise the standard of early years provision.
The aim of the course is to guide you in supporting children to reach their educational potential and give you the experience needed to work in a childcare setting.

The course covers a number of topics, enabling students to gain an in-depth understanding of children's development, communication, and safeguarding as well as practical childcare skills.
Learners will produce a portfolio of evidence which is assessed by lecturers and work placement assessors within the college, this may include written assessments, practical tasks and work placement activities.
There will also be a task completed in college which is assessed externally.
Five GCSEs at Grade C/4 or above

From 3 April 2017 to be classed as an Early Years Educator you must have Maths and English Functional Skills Level 2 or GCSE Maths and English at 4/5 or above (grade C). All students under the age of 19 will continue to study Maths and English alongside their childcare level 3 unless they have GCSE grade 4/5 or above (grade C). For students age 19 and over, we strongly suggest that Maths and English are studied alongside the childcare level 3 course if students do not already hold these qualifications.

After interview a DBS check must be completed.
Upon successful completion of the course, learners will be able to enter the workforce as Early Years Educators (eg working in a supervisory level in a childcare setting) or access Higher Education (eg Level 5 Foundation Degree in Early Childhood Studies).
The course is delivered at our Mid Devon Campus, which works closely with a large range of childcare providers in the local vicinity.
£30 activity fee
Please contact the Advice & Guidance Centre on 01884 235245 for more information.
Q: How many days a week am I in college?
A: Equivalent to two full days in college.

Q: Does the course involve compulsory work experience?
A: Yes, you will be supported to secure a relevant work placement. We aim for this to be a minimum of two days a week throughout the year. You will receive regular assessments in your workplace.

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