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Foundation Degree in Computing

Level 4-5
Course Code:
HEB009 / G401
Brannams Campus
Two Years, full time; three years, part time.

Much of modern computing is about distributed computer applications, i.e. software, hardware, the web, databases, and networks. The modules on the course cover the underlying theory and look at how to configure, connect and program computers to perform a variety of tasks.

A distinctive feature of the course is that it is based on Agile principles - current industry best practice project management theory.


You will study the following modules: Developing Graduate Skills, Business Enterprise, Programming, Web Design and Development, Systems Analysis, Human Computer Interaction, Data Communications, Network Management, and Project Management with Scrum.
Students will be assessed in a variety of ways; there are written assignments, in-class tests, examinations, individual and group presentations and research projects.
Students will ideally possess an NVQ, National Diploma, or A-level, preferably in an appropriate subject. Mature students will be considered individually but must demonstrate at interview that they have the necessary motivation, potential, experience and/or knowledge to follow the course successfully.
On successful completion of the course, students may be able to progress to the third year of the BSc (Hons) Computing at Plymouth University or the Applied Computing (top-up) at Bridgewater College. Please note there is a progression application deadline and places may be subject to availability.
There is a dedicated computing room (C213) for the course.
Please contact the HE Team on 01271 852335 for more information.
Q: What is the pass mark for assignments?
A: There are two grades: Pass and Distinction. The Pass mark for all assignments is 40%. A module mark of 70% will earn you a Distinction. FdSc (Distinction) can be gained with an overall module average of 70% over two years.

Q: What programming languages will I learn?
A: Java, but more importantly, you will learn object oriented theory which underpins the majority of present day programming languages.

Q: Can I take a 'year out' between the second and third years of study?
A: Yes, we encourage students to try and find an internship and gain industry experience.

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