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Mid Devon A-levels

Level 3
Course Code:
Mid Devon Campus
Two years

Do you aspire to be a doctor, veterinarian, engineer, IT professional, research scientist or a vision to pursue a challenging and rewarding career in STEM? If so this academically challenging, employer endorsed A-level and BTEC combination programme will ensure you are fully equipped for both University and industry.

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Applicants will choose either three A-levels from Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics, or two A-levels plus one BTEC with the choice of IT, Engineering or Science.

BIOLOGY: During this course you will cover topics including: Foundations in Biology; Exchange and Transport; Biodiversity, Evolution and Disease; Communication, Homeostasis and Energy; Genetics, Evolution and Ecosystems.

CHEMISTRY: During this course you will cover topics including: Atomic structure and bonding; The Periodic Table; Aromatic compounds and Amines; Identifying mechanisms for chemical reactions. There is also more application of mathematical formulae in the second year, such as using logarithmic functions to determine pH, and use of spectroscopy in analysis of compounds.

PHYSICS: During this course you will cover topics including: Basic laws of the universe; Understanding motion, forces, work and energy; The behaviour of materials; Electricity; Wave theory; Qantum mechanics; Newton's laws; Electric and magnetic fields; Circular and simple harmonic motion; Concepts of pressure and temperature; Atom, nucleus and quarks.

MATHS: During this course you will cover topics including: Algebra; Sequences and series; Calculus; Exponentials and logarithms; Trigonometry; Statistical tests and calculations, Newton's laws of motion; Forces and motion of bodies and particles.

(Please note that this course selection overrides the following course codes in the full-time guide FTT222, FTT223, FTT224, FTT225, FTT226, FTT227, FTT228)
Externally assessed exams are taken in May/June.
The A-levels have multiple exams: The exams assess specific module content as well as synoptic papers.
To be accepted onto a two-year Level 3 programme, all entrants must hold at least a grade 4 in GCSE Maths and a grade 4 in GCSE English, as well as at least three other GCSEs at grade 4 (C) or above. Certain subjects require a minimum of GCSE grade 6.

In addition, we recommend at least a grade A/7 at GCSE in Mathematics to study A-level Maths and Physics.
You will need to attend a formal interview and the interview will include a task based assessment.
Many students go on to university to study for careers such as medicine, veterinary science, and engineering. High level professional STEM based placements/careers.
Learn in industry focussed classroom and workshops.
Please contact the Advice & Guidance Centre on 01884 235245 for more information.
Q: Can I sit an AS exam to support my University application?
A: Yes we will offer the opportunity to take an AS exam at the end of Year 1

Q: Will I have a formal interview?
A: Yes the entry requirements state you need to attend a formal interview to confirm your planned future career aligns with this programme. You will also need to complete an assessment at the interview.