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Digital Photographic Practice - Autumn

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North Devon Campus
Starts 17th September 2019 - 10 weeks within the advertised dates.
Tuesday - 19:00 to 21:15

Get to understand and control your camera on manual with camera exercises. Learn photographic techniques to create original effective imagery with practical and photographic briefs along the way. Discover a whole new world of digital photographic creativity. See website for more details. Note - Please see equipment list in First day requirements.

Giving students knowledge of the principles of photography using DSLR cameras not just through study but through practise. Learn by doing with expertise there to help if required.


Experience working with others, along with peer and tutor review. Work as a team or on own initiative to complete photographic briefs.
Photography is an art form, become creative, imagery can communicate whatever you want. Discover new practical ways to aid effective image creation. Students will learn to use their camera on manual. Aperture, shutter, ISO, White balance, manual focus. Understand how to judge correct and incorrect exposure and composition. Gain experience of static and flash lighting.
There are no formal assessments for this programme.
Bonus equipment but not essential:-
Extra lenses zoom or prime.
Small single LED key-ring light
DSLR Camera (camera with full manual control) Digital single lens reflex
Camera manual
Camera tripod
Card reader
Dedicated course only camera SD card
USB storage 2gig minimum (flash drive)
Small single LED key-ring light/s
When asked, students will be expected to bring in items for photo shoots to complete briefs.

Bonus equipment but not essential:-
Extra lenses zoom or prime
Remote trigger
Please contact the Recreation Team on 01271 852356 for more information.
Is this course right for me?

- Creative Photography is still a technical process and may not be suitable for all.
The following list provides information for potential students to help make an informed decision.

- Students with weak eyesight. You may struggle with some tasks particularly manual focus.

- Students with motor disturbance, (Shaky hands or low dexterity). Handling and using the camera on manual could be problematic for you.

- Students who don’t like meeting and working with others collectively. Some tasks may require you to work as a team supporting each other.

- If you no longer have the manual for your camera. There are hundreds of different models of camera. It’s impossible for the tutor to know the different involuted layouts for each model.

- You don’t have a camera with manual settings. ISO, aperture, shutter, white balance, manual focus, or metre.

- Cameras that have broken functions. If your camera is old or borrowed have you checked its working correctly? If not this could be problematic for you.

- Students who book holidays during class times. If you miss too many sessions you may find it difficult as you miss important instruction.

- Students who only want to take photographs of the same thing and nothing else. If you’re only interested in photographing your pet for example, a creative photographic course may not be right for you.

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Course Fees

Total Fee: £113