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Foundation Degree in Business and Management

Level 4-5
Course Code:
Brannams Campus
Three years, part time.

The course is a qualification awarded by Plymouth University, the focus of which is to develop management skills and enable learners to apply these skills in an organisational context.

Perfect for those aspiring to be in a managerial position


The course is designed for managers or those who aspire to managerial positions, and is ideally suited to those in full- or part-time employment who would like to study for a degree part time.
Modules include: Human Resource Management; Marketing; Organisational Behaviour; Business Finance; The Principles of Project Management; Developing your Management Style; and, Employee Relations and Conflict Management.
Students should have prior attainment of a Level 3 qualification but may also be considered if they have relevant employment experience.
Upon completion, students may progress to the BA (Hons) Business Administration at Plymouth University or Somerset College, either full time for one year or part time for two years, or the BA (Hons) Professional Development (Business) at Petroc.
For more information, please contact the HE Team at 01271 852335.

Course Fees

Annual Fee: £4833

Foundation Degree in Business and Management
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