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Foundation Degree in Computing

Level 4-5
Course Code:
HEB009 / G401
Brannams Campus
Full-time: Two years; Part-time: Three years

Our Foundation Degree in Computing is designed to arm you with the theoretical knowledge and technical skills, that you’ll need in order to take the computing world by storm. Comprising a broad range of industry-specific learning modules; this course has been developed to meet the exacting requirements of the ever-evolving IT sector. You’ll expand and develop your knowledge in subjects as diverse as software development, enterprise networks, and object-orientated programming; while also gaining a working understanding of the rapidly-expanding areas of mobile applications and emerging technologies. This advanced technical programme leads to a nationally-recognised FdSc qualification - highly respected in its own right – but can also open the door to Honours Degree-level study; or provide you with the precise skills and technical knowledge needed to progress directly to a fascinating and rewarding career.

A key feature of this course is that it is based on Agile principles – the current industry best-practice project management theory.


You’ll study a number of modules that are essential to the computing sector. These can either be studied in two years for full-time students, or spread over three years for those studying part-time. The modules are designed to provide you with a firm base of understanding, to allow you to advance to Honours Degree-level study and qualifications, or progress directly to employment.

The course modules you’ll study are:

- Software Development
Covering the basics of control structures and algorithmic design.
- Computer Fundamentals
Covering how a processor accesses and manipulates data, and giving you an understanding of how data is stored.
- Introduction to Security
Providing a broad explanation of the need for encryption, and exploring the basic methods used.
- Introduction to Networking
Focusing on LANs and IP addressing.
- Distributed Technologies
Covering applications implemented on the web, or on mobile devices.
- Academic and Professional Skills
Introducing a variety of essential industry-standard skills, such as version control, project file organisation, and presentation skills. You’ll also develop transferrable skills including basic academic research, report writing and referencing, and self-evaluation.

- Mobile Applications and Interaction Design
Building upon the knowledge you’ve gained in the first half of the course; looking specifically at mobile app development, and exploring best practice in designing screen flow.
- Object-Orientated Programming
Extending your knowledge of object-oriented programming using a common object-oriented language, introducing design patterns, and exploring effective code reuse and maintainability.
- Group Project
Working with a customer; you’ll explore team roles and implement Agile team-oriented project management strategies, in order to develop a solution to a real industry requirement.
- Enterprise Networks
Expanding on the knowledge you’ve gained during the first half of the course, and providing an in-depth study of the implementation and deployment of WANs, through practical work in our well-equipped networking laboratory.
- Emerging Technologies
Encouraging independent research into a range of technologies and applications, such as AI, IoT, and machine learning; and combining this with practical implementation of the example applications in your chosen field.
- Database Applications Development

By enrolling on this course, you will become part of SWIoT – the South West Institute of Technology. SWIoT is a unique collaboration between Petroc and a number of prestigious higher and further education partners; designed to provide innovative technical education and deliver a skilled local workforce, economic growth, and prosperity to the South West.

*Course is subject to approval by the University of Plymouth
You’ll be assessed via a combination of written and practical assignments, in-course assessments, coursework, research projects, presentations, and end-of-module formal examinations.
Four GCSEs at Grade C/4 or above

You’ll need four GCSEs (or equivalent qualifications) at grade C/4 or above, including Maths and English at a minimum of grade C/4.

You’ll also require 64 UCAS points for admission on to this course, this equates to the following:

Merit/Merit at National Diploma level
Merit/Merit/Pass at Extended Diploma level
A-Level equivalents in a related subject

Mature learners will be subject to an interview prior to entry; where any related experience will be taken into consideration.
Successfully completing this course could lead directly to a career in the information technology industry or computing sector; or could even allow you to progress to the University of Plymouth’s BSc (Hons) Computing degree programme.
You will be based at Petroc’s state-of-the-art Institute of Technology; providing industry-standard facilities and equipment, for the study of both Digital Science and Engineering.

Our newly-developed South West Institute of Technology (SWIoT) has been created as part of the Department for Education’s (DfE) £170 million investment, to establish a network of technology institutes across the country.

In addition to our purpose-built facilities, our industrial partners have given us the benefit of their expertise, so that the specialist equipment we have installed is of the highest professional quality, and is at the cutting edge of current industry-standard specifications.

The Engineering facility will house clean room fabrication capabilities; electronics design, manufacture and testing laboratories; additive technologies (3D); and production robotics.

The Digital Science suite contains a bespoke area for developing virtual environments; a large space for drone experimentation; and the latest specification networking, software, and data engineering facilities.

Petroc’s dedicated SWIoT building also has a large, welcoming social space, in which you can work and relax, while enjoying excellent connectivity.
Please contact the HE Team on 01271 852335 for more information.

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Course Fees

Annual Fee: £7400