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Foundation Degree in Project Management

Level 4-5
Course Code:
Brannams Campus
Two years, full-time; three years, part-time.

This course aims to provide employers with a high-quality programme that will attract new talent into project management positions and up-skill the existing workforce to make projects and businesses more productive, efficient and profitable. The FdA in Project Management is suitable for various project management roles, including Project Manager and Project Co-ordinator.

This degree is designed to produce graduates who have the theoretical underpinning, practical orientation and skillset required for employment in the project management environment.


Modules in this programme include:

1. Leadership - considers how organisational behaviour and attitude influence the behaviour of individuals and groups at work. The module will use a range of theories and managerial approaches to analyse and explain human behaviour at work.

2. Principles of project management - aims to develop an understanding of project management to enable students to recognise the importance of the discipline in a variety of organisational and functional contexts. Students should develop an understanding of the concepts employed in project management at strategic, systems and operational levels, and an appreciation of the knowledge and skills required for successful project management in organisations.

3. Project tools and techniques - aims to provide students with an understanding of the underlying principles of project management tools and techniques used within organisations. By introducing students to key concepts and techniques related to project planning, scheduling and resourcing, and to requirements, risk and quality management, the module lays the foundation for their future contribution from initiation through to successful completion.

4. Project Software - aims to provide an understanding of how project software relates to the discipline of project management and to show how to use software to design, plan and track project resources and schedules. Students will also be able to understand the effectiveness and limitations of using software in project management and enhance individual effectiveness in using project software.

5. Finance for projects - introduces students to key aspects of financial and management accounting in order to be able to use financial information for project management decision-making purposes.

6. Sustainability - provides students with an introduction into sustainability in a business context. Students will study the concepts of environmental, economic and social sustainability and how this benefits businesses and consumers. The module will make use of case studies to highlight how this has been successfully achieved, and also highlight the impacts of businesses not abiding by these principles.
The programme will be assessed through a combination of reports, presentations, exams and work-based projects.
Students should have prior attainment of a Level 3 qualification.
Applicants will be considered with relevant employment experience.
Successful completion of the course may lead to progression to the BA (Hons) Professional Development (Business and Management) at Petroc, or, the BSc (Hons) Management Practice, BSc (Hons) International Supply Chain Management, or BA (Hons) International Trade and Operations Management at the University of Plymouth.
The programme will be delivered at our dedicated University Centre at the Brannams Campus.
Please contact the HE Team on 01271 852335 for more information.

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