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Foundation Studies Diploma in Art and Design - Level 3 - Full-time (Mid Devon)

Level 3 Vocational
Course Code:
Mid Devon Campus
One year

The Foundation Diploma is the established route to art and design degree courses. It provides a link between the skills you have gained at A-level and the demands of specialist courses at university. The aim of the course is to discover your creative potential in order to enable you to make informed decisions that will take you to the most appropriate art and design courses for you.

2017 student, Joanna Collins, won BTEC Art & Design student of the year at the National Awards.


Learning about art and design provides vital practice in many fundamental life skills such as communication, lateral thinking, teamwork, self-awareness, problem-solving, time management, budgeting; all essential abilities in any professional environment.

There are three key stages to the programme:
- The Exploratory Stage covers skills in observing and responding to visual information, in 2D and 3D.
- The Pathway Stage is where you will choose an area in which to develop more specialist skills by exploring ideas and outcomes and using a range of processes.
- The Confirmatory Stage is where you'll complete a personal project which allows you to really demonstrate the skills you've acquired throughout the programme while showing your ability to research and discuss specialist contextual issues.

The climax to your study programme is a public exhibition of your work. It's this body of work on which your final diploma grades will rest.

The Units you will cover are:
Unit 1: Researching, Recording and Responding in Art and design
Unit 2: Media Experimentation in Art and Design
Unit 3: Preparation and Progression in Art and Design
Unit 4: Information and Interpretation in Art and Design
Unit 5: Personal Experimental Studies in Art and Design
Unit 6: Extended Media Development in Art and Design
Unit 10: Final Major Project in Art and Design
You will be given regular formal and informal feedback about how you are getting on.
Your final grade of Pass, Merit or Distinction will be awarded at the end of the course.
To be accepted onto a two-year Level 3 programme, all entrants must hold at least a grade 4 in GCSE Maths and a grade 4 in GCSE English, as well as at least three other GCSEs at grade 4 (C) or above. Certain subjects require a minimum of GCSE grade 6.

We also welcome applications from mature students who do not have the core entry requirements, but can provide evidence of their creativity, skills and experience. Please contact the Art and Design department for more information
Most students progress to relevant specialist university courses or move directly into a career within the creative industries.
The creative industries department at our Mid Devon Campus boasts spacious, purpose-built facilities including traditional photographic darkrooms as well as up-to-date digital SLR cameras, new silk-screen exposure unit and computer suite with Adobe Creative Suite software. Throughout the year you will have your own generous workspace to customise as you wish.
You will be charged £30 per term (£90 per year) studio fee.
You will need to provide your own Art kit with the basics to complete a course in Art e.g. Sketch books, watercolours etc.
(Details are provided in a kit list sent to you in the July prior to the course starting in the September)
Please contact the Advice & Guidance Centre on 01884 235245 for more information.
Q: What happens if I need help with my assignments?
A: All learners are given regular 1:1 support from their lecturers. In addition, study hall/workshops are arranged throughout the year, these sessions will be used to support learners in completing assignments.

Q: Is the course delivered on every day of the week?
A: We make every effort to timetable over four days to enable students to complete the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) and work experience alongside their studies.

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