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Hospitality and Catering - Level 1 - Full-time (Mid Devon)

Level 1
Course Code:
Mid Devon Campus
One year

Hospitality and catering is a world with all kinds of opportunities and, if it appeals to you, this programme should serve up just the start you need, with plenty of hands-on practical experience and the opportunity to progress on to a higher level programme or enter employment as an apprentice. There will be lots of practical experience and as well as opportunities for visits and guest lecturers.

You will be mentored by award-winning chefs! Full attendance leads to 100% pass rate, and 90% of learners are working in industry within the first term.


This study programme is for students who aim to gain practical skills in a professional kitchen and restaurant environment.

You will cover a range of topics including:
- Basic meat
- Fish
- Poultry
- Vegetable preparation
- Cake and dough products
- Team and customer service skills.

As well as practical experience, you will also gain knowledge through theory work in a range of subjects such as:
- Introduction to the Hospitality Industry
- Healthy Eating
- Food Service
- Customer Service.

There will also be real work experience to enhance employability.
Assessments are based primarily on practical work, however, you will also have to complete short-answer questions and small assignments throughout the year. You will be given full guidance and support to help you with your assessments.
All entrants must hold 4 GCSEs at grade 2 or equivalent or above, preferably including Maths and English.
Entrants who do not have a GCSE grade 3 in Maths and/or English will continue studying these subjects.
At the end of the year, you are expected to have completed and achieved all the components of your Level 1 Study Programme and improved your Maths and English skills before progressing to your next course.
This qualification is a natural pathway for progression to Level 2 Hospitality and Catering programmes or for anyone seeking a trainee position in the Hospitality and Catering industry.
Students will develop their cookery and food service skills using our very well-equipped professional kitchen and modern dining restaurant, The Exe.
The college has a dedicated learning resource centre and is equipped with the latest culinary books to support and inspire students.
You will need to bring paper and pen and your uniform.
There is a uniform and equipment requirement for this course which will be discussed at interview. There are college funds which might be available to help if required.
Please contact the Advice & Guidance Centre on 01884 235245 for more information.
Q: Does evening work form part of the course?
A: Yes, as part of the course and in preparation for industry, students will be given the opportunity to gain experience within our restaurant and kitchen.

Q: Will I need to purchase any equipment?
A: Yes, you will need to purchase kitchen and restaurant uniform, knives and books.

Q: Is there any financial help available?
A: Yes, qualifying students can apply for support from the 'College Learner Support Fund' which is means tested.