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Human Resource Support - Apprenticeship (Standard)

Level 3 Vocational
Course Code:
Mid Devon Campus
Two years

You will learn the skills needed to handle day to day queries and provide HR advice to employees and managers. This will cover a range of HR processes from recruitment through to retirement and will include policy and current law and using HR systems.

On successful completion of this apprenticeship you may be eligible to apply for Associate membership of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.


During this apprenticeship you will learn the following skills, knowledge and behaviours:


- Business understanding: Understands the structure of the organisation; the products and services it delivers; the external market and sector within which it operates; where their role fits in the organisation; the ‘Values’ by which it operates and how these apply to their role.

- HR Legislation and Policy: Basic understanding of HR in their sector and any unique features. Good understanding of HR legislation and the HR Policy framework of the organisation. Sound understanding of the HR Policies that are relevant to their role. Knows where to find expert advice.

- HR Function: Understands the role and focus of HR within the organisation; its business plan / priorities and how these apply to their role.

- HR Systems and Processes: Understands the systems, tools and processes used in the role, together with the standards to be met, including the core HR systems used by the organisation.


- Service Delivery: Delivers excellent customer service on a range of HR queries and requirements, providing solutions, advice and support primarily to managers. Builds managers’ expertise in HR matters, improving their ability to handle repeated situations themselves where appropriate. Uses agreed systems and processes to deliver service to customers. Takes the initiative to meet agreed individual and team KPIs in line with company policy, values, standards. Plans and organises their work, often without direct supervision, to meet commitments and KPIs.

- Problem solving: Uses sound questioning and active listening skills to understand requirements and establish root causes before developing HR solutions. Takes ownership through to resolution, escalating complex situations as appropriate.

- Communication & interpersonal: Deals effectively with customers/colleagues, using sound interpersonal skills and communicating well through a range of media eg phone, face to face, email, internet. Adapts their style to their audience. Builds trust and sound relationships with customers. Handles conflict and sensitive HR situations professionally and confidentially.

- Teamwork: Consistently supports colleagues /collaborates within the team and HR to achieve results. Builds/maintains strong working relationships with others in the team and across HR where necessary.

- Process improvement: Identifies opportunities to improve HR performance and service; acts on them within the authority of their role. Supports implementation of HR changes/projects with the business.

- Managing HR Information: Maintains required HR records as part of services delivered. Prepares reports and management information from HR data, with interpretation as required.

- Personal Development: eeps up to date with business changes and HR legal/policy/process changes relevant to their role. Seeks feedback and acts on it to improve their performance and overall capability.


- Honesty & Integrity: Truthful, sincere and trustworthy in their actions. Shows integrity by doing the right thing. Maintains appropriate confidentiality at all times. Has the courage to challenge when appropriate.

- Flexibility: Adapts positively to changing work priorities and patterns when new tasks need to be done or requirements change.

- Resilience: Displays energy and enthusiasm in the way they go about their role, dealing positively with setbacks when they occur. Stays positive under pressure.
The end point assessment for the HR Support Standard consists of two main components which are a consultative project and a professional discussion:
- A consultative Project, will contain a range of evidence demonstrating that you have met the knowledge and skills required.
- A professional discussion will explore specific skills and behaviours also required.
The entry requirement for this apprenticeship will be decided in partnership with Petroc and the employer based on the apprentices job profile and experience.
The completion of this apprenticeship forms the foundation of a career within the HR profession, giving the base for further development through a career path within an organisation and/or through the HR Consultant/Partner apprenticeship.
As an apprentice, you will have full access to the college facilities.
Registration with the CIPD is an additional cost of around ?£140.
Please contact the Advice & Guidance Centre on 01884 235245 for more information.

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