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German A-level - Level 3 - Full-time (North Devon)

Level 3 A-levels
Course Code:
North Devon Campus
Two years

Are you interested in finding out about other cultures in Europe? Over 88 million people in Central Europe speak German as a first language in the `sprachraum' and over 100 million speak it worldwide. Some of the leading manufacturing companies in the world are German like Audi, Adidas, VW, Mercedes and Bosch to name only a few; so it is a very influential and powerful language to possess.

Learn to speak the language of the Sprachraum & discover what life is like in these beautiful countries.


Within this German A-level course, different aspects about Germany and German-speaking countries like Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein are studied and you can explore certain topics of your personal interest in depth for example renewable energy. You will broaden not only your knowledge of the language but also the understanding of German culture and people. The course will help you to communicate with confidence in discussions and debates and when exploring issues from the news. Students will also study both a film and a piece of literature in both years.

In the first year, you will explore aspects of social trends as well as artistic and political culture of the German society, like the environment, education, the world of work but also music, media and the role of traditions and festivals like Weihnachten and Karneval.

In the second year, you will cover interesting social issues as well as the political culture like integration, multiculturalism, society in former East Germany, and Germany before and since the re-unification.

You will also study compelling films like 'Good Bye, Lenin!' and literature like the gripping Swiss story of revenge 'The Visit' by Friedrich Dürrenmatt.
Your final exams will include an oral presentation on a subject you have researched, and written exams for reading, writing, translation and listening. You may have the chance to go to Berlin for a visit run in conjunction with our History team.
At the end of the second year, all four themes and two essays on literary texts/films are assessed. At A-level, the speaking test counts for 30% of your total mark. There will also be two written examinations which count for 40% and 30% of your total mark respectively. Your speaking exams combine topical discussion and a presentation and discussion on your own research project. The written exams test your listening, reading and writing skills, translation and an extended essay is included. All exams are externally assessed.
To be accepted onto a two-year Level 3 programme, all entrants must hold at least a grade 4 in GCSE Maths and a grade 4 in GCSE English, as well as at least three other GCSEs at grade 4 (C) or above. Certain subjects require a minimum of GCSE grade 6.

You will be required to achieve a grade 5 or above in German, or evidence of prowess to the equivalent standard. Please email or for further information.
An A-level in German will give you opportunities either for employment or degree level study at university. You can study a single degree or combine German with another foreign language, English, Law, Business or Media. With a qualification in modern foreign languages, business, law, the civil service, the diplomatic corps, tourism and teaching are all open to you.
This course is taught by native speakers so students can acquire correct pronunciation and get used to the pace of speech. About 30% of your classes will take place in the language lab where you can improve your linguistic skills. You will have access to authentic material like press publications, video and audio recordings. In the library, you will have access to dictionaries, books and magazines.

Learning Technologies and Library Services offer relaxed, quiet and comfortable places to study. You will find a variety of private and group study spaces on campus and multiple computers that can be pre-booked. The college WiFi also allows you to bring your own devices to use.

There are always friendly members of staff on hand to help you find information to assist your study, and you can borrow items including books, journals and media equipment in the Library.
For the introductory day, you need to bring your GCSE results, a pen and paper.
Students will need to purchase a text book for use during both years; this will cost approximately £30.
Please contact the Advice & Guidance Centre on 01271 852422 for more information.
Q: Why study a foreign language?
A: A qualification in a foreign language is a huge asset to all kinds of careers, for example, in the travel and tourism industry or in business and law. It can open many doors for you. Modern Foreign Languages are highly thought of by universities.

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