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Leading an Empowered Organisation (LEO) (C)

Not Applicable
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North Devon Campus
Three days

Leading an Empowered Organisation (LEO) (c) 2007, Creative Healthcare Management Inc. In partnership with Choice Dynamic International 2010, this is a powerful three-day programme specifically designed to develop confident, empowered and inspirational leaders. Having its roots based in healthcare, it is designed for people in any organisation. We can offer this to organisational cohorts as well as individuals and are changing the delivery style to suit current COVID-19 restrictions. Please get in touch to know more.

Learn how this conceptual framework can be used for developing one's own individual leadership effectiveness.


LEO is based on principles of respect, dignity and empowerment. During the course you will learn how to develop healthy interpersonal relationships with all constituents, and leading organisational change by developing and supporting others. You will get the chance to hear about tried and tested tools and techniques that develop your leadership skills and confidence, making you even more effective at what you do.

This transformational leadership programme is fun, highly interactive and very rewarding.

Below is a sample agenda of the three days, which may be adapted:

- Identification of your current level of responsibility, authority and accountability
- Skills development to build honest, open relationships based on trust and mutual respect
- Ideas to develop your personal and organisational capacity
- Ways to implement effective, non-punitive responses to mistakes
- Leading change though consensus and dialogue
- Creating a personal development plan for your leadership role

Session 1:
- Introductions and overview
- The LEO conceptual framework
- Decentralised and centralised approaches
- Leadership and management
- Articulating expectations
- Responsibility + Authority + Accountability

Session 2:
- Empowerment triangle:
Leadership development
- Leadership development: Building relationships:
Vulnerability: Unhealthy behaviours
Empowerment: Interdependence
- Leadership development: Developing capacity:
Vulnerability: Punitive practices
Empowerment: Learning

Session 3:
- Leading change
- Establishing constructive dialogue and effective problem solving
- Converting ideas into action
- Action planning: Personal
- Action planning: Departmental
There will be activities to support your learning, reflection and development, as well as homework.
Please contact the Advice & Guidance Centre on 01271 852422 for more information.

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