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Extended Certificate in RSL Music Practitioners - Level 2 - Full-time (North Devon)

Level 2
Course Code:
Brannams Campus
One year

This qualification aims to offer practical structured learning with the flexibility to specialise in different disciplines directly relevant to employment in the music industry and will have two pathways of Music Technology and Music Performance.

A brilliant introduction to productions which have a music or music technology emphasis. You will also have the opportunity to take part in performance events at the 800 capacity venue 'The Factory'.


This Music Practitioners course is a one year study programme that will focus on practical skills that relate directly to industry standard environments in both music and music technology. The programme is very much project-led and caters for both musicians and technicians.

You will have the opportunity to undertake work experience in our 800 capacity venue, (the biggest classroom/venue in the South West!). The First Extended Certificate is equivalent to three GCSEs.

Areas that will you be covering:

For the Music pathway:

Live Music Performance
The purpose of the unit is to provide you with an opportunity to undertake a performance that will be be performed in the Factory music venue. This unit aims to further develop your abilities in the area of live performance.

Music Rehearsal skills
The purpose of the unit is to begin to enable the development of the skills required to function effectively in a rehearsal environment with the aim of rehearsing for a specific performance event. This unit aims to develop your ability to engage with the processes of effective rehearsal.

For the Music Technology pathway:

Live Sound Recording
This unit aims to introduce you to the live sound recording process. The purpose of this unit is to enable you to develop a plan and undertake the recording of a piece of music within the Factory music venue.

Music Sequencing and Production
The purpose of this unit is to develop skills in using music sequencing software. The aim of the unit is to produce a two minute piece of music, following the set criteria using Logic on a Digital Audio Workstation.

For both pathways you will take part in sessions that will include:

Musical style development
The purpose of this unit is to generate an illustration and description of a chosen genre of music, including an exploration of its sub-genres in an historical, cultural, social and economic context, with reference to key exponents within the genre.

Listening to Music
This unit aims to develop active listening skills to provide a platform for a greater understanding of the processes behind creating mood and feel for your own compositions and performances and of the structural elements and devices which can be employed to enable a range of audience emotional responses to the music.

Contextualising Music
This unit aims to provide you with an understanding of the origins, characteristics and key players in the development of a musical style.
The study programme is assessed through assignments, externally assessed exams, observations and course work.

For the music pathway Live Music Performance will be externally assessed.

For the Music Technology pathway Live Sound Recording will be externally assessed.

You will be encouraged to take responsibility for your own learning and achievement, taking account of the industry standards for behaviour and performance.
All entrants must hold 4 GCSEs at grade 3 or equivalent or above, to preferably include GCSE Maths and English at grade 3 or above.
Entrants who do not have a GCSE grade 4 in Maths and/or English will continue studying these subjects.
At the end of the year, you are expected to have completed and achieved all the components of your Level 2 Study Programme and improved your Maths and English skills before progressing to your next course.

A minimum of four GCSEs at Grade D or above, or equivalent, ideally to include Maths and English. At interview, we will ask you all about your music or music technology experience and interests.
On successful completion of this study programme, you can progress onto the level 3 Extended Diploma in either Music Performance or Music Technology
You will be working from the Brannams Campus and you will have access to Digital Audio Workstations, recording facilities, rehearsal facilities and the Factory, an 800 capacity performance venue.
You will need to show your GCSE qualifications and have USB storage with you at all times.
Music Technology students will need to invest in some good headphones (not in-ear headphones supplied with phones).
There will be a £90 a year studio fee.
Please contact the Advice & Guidance Centre on 01271 852422 for more information.
Q: What sort of shows can I do?
A: There will be opportunities for work experience within the Factory on shows that include touring bands and musicians and there will be lots of opportunities in meeting with other like minded musicians and performing your own shows within North Devon.

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