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Novice to Intermediate Level Photoshop

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North Devon Campus
Starts 19th September 2019 - 8 weeks within the specified dates
Thursday - 19:00 to 21:15

Learn the fundamentals of image adjustment, creation, and management. Start to use and understand Photoshop like a professional.

Gain a full technical understanding about the features and functions of Adobe Photoshop.


Full technical understanding about what an image is and what Photoshop is actually doing.
Students should have confidence to work out their own ways of image creation using Photoshop and be able to learn new ones much quicker.
To create and manage complicated multi-layer artwork.
Understand compression and file types.
To create completely digital or digitise real world resources for use in their work.
Make sure their work is set correctly for reproduction/print.
Learn the most effective ways for image alteration, precise levels, adjustment layers, masking, soft masking, layer masking, alpha channels, paths, keyboard short cuts.
There are no formal assessments in this programme.
Ideally, students that have Photoshop (not elements) already.
Can navigate and use a computer.
Have used Photoshop before, can open/save images, plus some basic functions.
Ideal if students wish to create original artwork (not just fine-tune photos), multi layered files, Colour manage, prepare images for the web, prepare images for print, to work non-destructively.
Students must have their own USB storage. 2 gig minimum.
Students must have their own USB storage (2 gig minimum).
Please contact the Recreation Team on 01271 852356 for more information.
Q. Will I receive further confirmation of my enrolment?
A. Once you have paid online you will receive a confirmation email of your enrolment. This will contain details of the course, venue and start date. We will only contact you again if we need to cancel the course or make any changes.

Q. Where do I go on the first night?
A. Please report to main reception at Petroc. You will then be directed to the classrooms.

Q. Where do I park/do I have to pay?
A. There is ample parking at Petroc.

Q. Do I need to bring anything?
A. USB storage - 2GB minimum

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Course Fees

Total Fee: £90