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Progression Into Adulthood - Entry Level - Full-time (North Devon)

Course Code:
North Devon Campus
One year

The Progression Into Adulthood programme is a progression route for students who are aged 19 years, and over focuses on the four outcomes that young people with disabilities have said are important to them: Employment, Independent Living, Community Inclusion and Good Health. Students on this course will usually have completed Preparation for Adulthood and require an additional year at college to further develop specific skills for independence and employability. Learners will follow a work-related programme, which includes subject based and vocational areas.

Progression Into Adulthood puts the aspiration of the individual at the centre of their work experience and study programme.


Progression Into Adulthood focuses on any gaps in the specific skills set/knowledge for an individual's progression to employment and work-based participation in society. The aim of the programme is to enable students to move into supported, voluntary, paid employment or to progress into a Supported Internship.

Students on Progression Into Adulthood take part in a wide range of vocational work experience and social enterprise opportunities:

- Snack Run - Functional Skills, retail skills and hospitality skills are used while delivering snacks around Petroc.
- Packing Snacks - wholesale snacks are weighed, packaged and marketed, ready to go out on the Snack Run, giving students the opportunity to practise their functional and IT skills.
- Land-based Skills - students have access to purpose designed grounds, potting sheds and a greenhouse to practise horticulture skills.
- Craft and Furniture Up-cycling - students learn specific, functional and transferable skills to create products to sell as part of social enterprise.
- Other vocational opportunities such as catering and front of house at Medard House Lunch Club, animal care, grounds maintenance and conservation.
- English, Maths and ICT are embedded across the vocational element and include practical marketing and functional ICT.
- Work Experience and developing employability skills are a key part of this course and contribute to a successful transition out of college and into the community or workplace.
Progression Into Adulthood has no formal assessments or exams. Assessment of progression is evidenced through practical assessment and a portfolio of evidence.
This is the course for you if you have:

- the ability to undertake supported work experience;
- the knowledge, skills and understanding to work in a safe and mature way within an adult environment; and
- the necessary skills to manage the Petroc environment including self-directed breaks.

Students are expected to independently use the Food Hall and other common spaces on the North Devon campus.

For this course, students will need to have an Education, Health and Care Plan in order for course fees and/or support costs to be paid.
Progression Into Adulthood leads to Supported Internships facilitated by Job Coaches, including Project Search, supported internships, and supported, paid or voluntary employment. Those students who will not be able to access employment will transition into community provision that promotes independent and supported living. The aim of the course is for students to be equipped with the appropriate skills for their transition out of college.
Petroc has modern and custom-made facilities for our SLDD students.
The Liberty Centre is a learning environment that provides our students with internal work experience placements and realistic context-specific opportunities for students to become ready for employment and supported employment. At the heart of the The Liberty Centre is a busy and vibrant cafe that is open to the public with a commercial kitchen. Students cater in the kitchen and provide the front of house and waiting services, including taking and delivering orders and using the till for paying customers. There is a role for students of all abilities.

The Liberty Centre houses an arts, crafts, up-cycling and furniture restoration centre where students learn these skills, take commissions and sell their projects.

The Liberty Centre has a performance room for drama, music and dance where students rehearse and perform, and is a venue for upcycled and recycled fashion and the well-attended Christmas Markets.

Petroc SLDD department encourages students to be involved in the Ten Tors Challenge and The Jubilee Challenge. Students have recently built a round house called The Copse which is the arena for Forest Schooling and developing horticultural skills.

Each student that enrols onto a SLDD course has a Transition Plan which includes initial visits, taster days and transition days in addition to individual trips and meetings. Potential students are invited to activities throughout the year, for example, the Christmas market, the Prom theatrical performances and fashion shows. Students are invited to enrichment activities over the summer holidays to maintain continuity and establish social contact with peers.
Students will be invited to an induction day before the course starts and will be informed of any additional kits or protective equipment they will need to bring on their first day. The equipment will depend on the vocational options they have chosen to pursue. Students need to bring money for lunch, or a packed lunch, and be wearing clothing appropriate for activity-based learning.
Learners will need to supply their own safety equipment for working in vocational areas (safety boots, hats, uniforms etc.) There will be additional costs for specific enrichment areas including the annual residential.
Please contact the Advice & Guidance Centre on 01271 852422 for more information.

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