Freedom of the Open Roads wins poetry competition

Petroc's Languages department held a poetry competition for National Poetry Day 2017, where students were encouraged to submit original works on the theme ‘Freedom’.

The winner was first-year A-level student Samy Foster, for her poem titled Freedom of the Open Roads. Lauren Brewer, Rebecca Guymer and Alice Chamings were runners-up.

Samy, who is studying A-levels in Biology, Chemistry, English Literature and History, was surprised to win. “I was just rambling about driving!” she said. “I write a lot of poetry but I don’t share it!”

Claire Scott, Curriculum Team Leader for Languages and Communications, said: “We had a good level of entries but we felt Samy’s was the very best.”

Pictured are (L-R) Rebecca, Samy and Lauren.

Here's the winning poem in full:

Freedom of the Open Roads

 By Samy J Foster

Open roads calling,

Hop a car and drive forever,

Sleeping on seats,

A life dreamed and never lived.

Glancing out of windows

In the black of night with nothing to see.

A hand on cold glass,

A head up in space,

Surrounded by galaxies interlocking with thoughts,

Orion looks down with his bow.

The stars call to me,

As do dreams of victory and gladiatorial pits,

And archives silent with knowledge.

Homesick for the place you can never go

And will never find.

Drifting from town to town,

No strings attached,

Rolling on wheels long deemed dead.

Following the sound of

Wheels on tarmac,

Grit beneath feet,

The voice of

Open roads calling.