Petroc works together to reduce skills gap in hair and beauty industry

Petroc has teamed up with five other education providers and six employer partners, for the ‘Brushing Up’ innovative partnership led by South Devon College (SDC).

The project, as part of The Education and Training Foundation's (ETF) programme in outstanding teaching, learning and assessment (OTLA), aims to reduce the skills gaps within the hair and beauty industry by adopting innovative teaching, learning and assessment approaches. It brings practitioners and managers together from across different providers to offer a powerful opportunity for shared learning and development.

Over the course of the project, the education partners hosted training and development days and here at Petroc we held workshops in Indian head massage, electrical facial treatments, embedding maths into employability and promoting business media platforms.

There were also several instances of sharing practice across providers and sectors to support the project. For example, South Devon College English lecturers delivering a session at Petroc on embedding English, and Marc Sevette from Petroc delivered a session on the use of technology.

Overall the success of the collaboration has led to the suggestion by the partnership to set up an AoC Professional Exchange group to sustain the regional links formed.