Interview with Sean Mackney

Our new Petroc Principal and CEO Sean Mackney has now completed his first week in office and we asked him how he's finding life at the college so far.

He told us: “Week one as Principal and CEO at Petroc. What have I been up to? Before starting I enjoyed some intro days where I spent time at our Mid-Devon, Brannams and the North Devon campuses. I also met one of our MPs, some local businesses, head teachers and local authorities. I then started properly on Monday.

"Each day starts on the 6.30 train from Exeter. Bag on the seat, feet on my bag, iPad on my lap - reading, reading reading. Then a walk up the hill to Petroc!

"A number of induction meetings follow, and loads to read about teams, partners, projects, and the amazing things our learners have achieved with us. I've also had the chance to wander about and chat to people - I have been struck by how friendly and how committed everyone is to our learners and our communities - something I saw at the open day I attended before I got the job. People have introduced themselves and everyone has ideas about the college, taking time to tell me about the great things we do to support our learners and employers.

"Lunch has often been a salad in Costa where I chat with National Citizen Service learners, then more reading! I gave an interview with the North Devon Journal about why apprenticeships are brilliant opportunities for businesses and how Petroc supports skills and innovation, then a chat about a research project Petroc Learning Technologies and Library Services is doing around using virtual reality to support learning, followed by the chance to meet our multi-skilled Estates team.

"I then leave too late and have to run down the hill to the train station. Emails and reading on the train, a bit of thinking time and home in Exeter for 6.45. Empty the bins, have some dinner and then try to follow Stranger Things that my daughter has been binge watching on Netflix!

"I love it. Can’t wait to meet more learners, great staff and fantastic partners. What a place!"

You can also read an interview that Sean gave to DevonLive on 13 August 2019.