Exciting NCS opportunities this Autumn!

The National Citizen Service (NCS) is currently recruiting for the Autumn Experience 2018, which will take place during the October half term.

NCS is a once in a lifetime experience that helps young people aged 15-17 build confidence and self-belief. Those who take part have the opportunity to live away from home on an exciting residential, plan and execute a fulfilling social action project and also meet amazing new friends.

Students will enjoy three nights away from home taking part in plenty of exhilarating activities such as mountain-biking, kayaking, rock climbing and bushcraft. This is followed by the second phase of the programme, which focusses on future opportunities and teaches important skills such as first aid, independent living and mental health awareness. The final phase is the social action part, where the young learners design and deliver their own campaign or project in the community.

Marcus Symons, NCS project manager at Petroc, said: “NCS looks amazing on CVs, and for anyone planning to apply for university it gives killer content to write on personal statements that really stands out!”

Those interested can sign up with just a £50 refundable deposit (for all Petroc based signups) and also receive a free NCS hoodie.

The NCS Autumn experience is open to all students born between 01/09/2001 and 31/08/2002 that haven’t completed NCS previously. All eligible students can find out more information and take part by registering interest at www.ncsyes.co.uk