Future Petroc student wins laptop in Christmas card competition

The winner of Petroc’s Christmas card competition – which involved potential students from around North Devon – collected her prize this week, and was thrilled to win.

Christmas cards (designed by Petroc student Jay Bailey) were sent to prospective students who had previously attended open events. All cards contained a silver chocolate coin, apart from one which held a lucky golden coin.

Jasmine Reed, an Ilfracombe Academy student, was the recipient of the winning card and won a state-of-the-art HP laptop – just in time for Christmas.

“I opened the card and I was like ‘what?’ and I got really confused,” said Jasmine. “Then I read the card, and I was like ‘Mum, guess what?!’ Mum was excited as well.

“It will definitely come in handy. I’m coming here next year so it will be handy for that,” she added.