Chloe Coombe - Traineeship

Chloe is on a traineeship programme and works at North Devon Homes in their customer care team.



Employer: North Devon Homes

“I initially started at college on a travel and tourism course but, although I got good grades, I realised I didn’t want to go into that industry. However, I did really enjoy the business aspects of the course, so instead started thinking about what I could study in that area.

A friend of mine recommended a traineeship; a ‘dedicated programme for 16-24 year olds, which focusses on helping people find employment and gain the necessary skills through a substantial work placement.’

On the traineeship I work at North Devon Homes four days a week, as part of their customer care team, and will be here for eight weeks in total. In this role I’m developing a wide range of skills; I carry out general admin tasks, including processing customer feedback sheets and logging the incoming post. I’m learning the importance of team work and always offer to help others when I can. I really enjoy being in an office environment and am interested to learn more about the different job roles within the business.

The position I filled was initially advertised as an apprenticeship, but following advice from the college the company decided to go down a traineeship route instead. So, depending on my performance, I’m hoping to role straight onto an apprenticeship with North Devon Homes after I finish my traineeship. The feedback from my employer has been really positive so far, so I’m hopeful this will be the case.

A traineeship is a great option for an employer, as it gives both them and the student the opportunity to see if they are suited to the job before committing to a more long-term arrangement. That way, the employer can rest assured that they have employed someone who is competent and committed to the job.

I can see myself staying at North Devon Homes for a long time, as there are so many opportunities to progress within the business. I hope that I’ll also get the chance to do more training in the future.”

Update: Chloe has since been offered an apprenticeship at North Devon Homes, starting 7 March 2016.


What does Chloe’s manager say…?

Allison Bird is the Customer Services Manager at North Devon Homes and overseas Chloe’s traineeship placement.

“A traineeship gives someone who is looking for employment the chance to learn about an area that they might not necessarily have considered otherwise. Housing is a sector that people don’t always consider but, in fact, once they get here they realise how rewarding it can be.

The skills that students learn here are very portable and can be applied to a variety of different sectors. From an employer’s perspective, it’s nice to know you’ve given someone skills that will stay with them forever.

We’re always very keen to support both traineeships and apprenticeships, as we understand how important it is to give someone hands-on experience. I particularly like the fact that the Petroc assessors come out to the workplace and see the students in a working environment, so they get a really good understanding of how they are applying what they’ve learnt at college to their job.

Also, having the assessment onsite helps us build solid relationships with the college. We are now at a stage where we can go to Petroc and say ‘right, we have this vacancy to fill – what are our options?’. That’s actually how we discovered traineeships. I hadn’t heard of them until I spoke to someone at the college, but now I would definitely recommend them to other employers.”