Information on Clearing

What is Clearing?

Clearing is for students who:

  • have not met the conditions of their firm or insurance choice or
  • have submitted their application after 30th June or
  • have no offers (for whatever reason)

Although Clearing is aimed at students that did not meet the conditions of their offers, anyone without a confirmed university place after the 30th June (for whatever reason) can apply through Clearing.

When does Clearing start?

 Clearing starts in mid July (timed with when exam results are due out*).

*Mid-July for BTEC students or A level results day for A level students, which this year is 18 August 2016. The full range of vacancies are normally only available from A level results day.

How do I find vacancies in Clearing?

A full list of vacancies is made available on A level results day. They will appear on 'Find a Course' on the UCAS website.

How do I apply for a place in Clearing?

Step 1

Log in to Track. You will receive a Clearing number if you are eligible to use Clearing.

Step 2

You are free to contact as many universities as you like to discuss places through Clearing. Universities will need your Clearing number to view your application so be sure to have this available to quote.

Step 3

Each University should inform you whether they are happy to happy to accept your application or not. If they provide a provisional offer they will inform you on the date by which they expect you to add them as your Clearing choice.

It is now your decision as to which place you like to accept.

It is worth bearing in mind that any university is entitled to still decline your application despite you being offered a provisional place. It is not a done deal until you have added them as a clearing choice and they have accepted you in Track.

Step 4

You will now need to add your preferred Clearing choice on the 'Add Clearing Choice' button.

Although you can contact as many universities before making a decision, you can only add one choice. You will not be given a formal offer that you can accept or decline. By making a choice, you are agreeing that you will definitely take that place if the university approves your application.

Step 5

You now need to wait for formal acceptance to appear in Track.

If you do get declined, the 'Add Clearing Choice' button re-activates and you are free to make another choice.



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