HE Support

Thinking of studying at higher education but not sure if you will succeed?

Got a place on a degree course and are now worried about your ability?

Don’t worry – we have the resources, time and plans in place to provide you with all the support you need to reach those high levels of achievement that you aspire to.

Hardship Fund

Money worries sap our energy and drive to improve ourselves. We have a pot of funds available to support you while you are studying with us. You will still need to secure funding for the course fees via the Student Loan system, however if problems unexpectedly raise their head while you are studying, that threaten your ability to continue, then we may be able to offer some assistance.

Forms are available to enable you to apply for help. Support is available to help you with completing the forms from the HE admin team at Brannams.

Travel Bursary

We hope to enable students, however rurally remote they live, to have the opportunity to study a degree course here at Petroc. If transport is a particular problem please contact us at the beginning of the course via the student hardship application process, and some support may be available. Please note, this would not be available to students who have a maintenance loan.

Study skill support

Has it been a long time since you have been in a classroom? Are you afraid of being a little rusty – or perhaps you just want to make sure that you can ‘hit the ground running’ to make the most of the learning opportunity? Well, you will be able to take advantage of a range of support available.

Summer School: 
We understand that some learners may be apprehensive about starting a degree course, especially if you are new to this level of study or have been away from education for some time. To enable you to get a head start on your course at Petroc we have developed a series of workshops to prepare you for your academic studies including IT for beginners, introduction to study skills, academic  writing and research. The next summer school will take place in 2020.
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North Devon Summer School
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Extra study support:
If, once you start studying, you find it is harder than you expected, or you find it tricky to understand referencing or essay structures, or perhaps following feedback on an assignment you want some help amending your mistakes, there may be additional support available, please speak to your Programme Manager or the HE Admin team.

This provision does not replace, but is available as well as, DSA funding for further support if you are dyslexic or have a significant learning need that we need to support you with. Apply to DSA in the first instance if you know you will need support at the beginning of the year. This provision can be put in place all year long, or you can opt to apply for some extra support during the year.

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Well-being Drop-in Centre

Based at Brannams or in the study centre at Tiverton there will be someone available at certain times during the week to provide you with company and comfort if things get difficult or stresses pile up that prevent you from studying as successfully as you otherwise might. The times will be well-advertised and you will be able to sign up for a meeting at a time that suits you outside your scheduled lecture time. They will be good listeners, be able to recommend strategies to help or provide you with contact details of other organisations that will also be able to offer support.

University of Plymouth

You must remember that you are also a student at the University of Plymouth and the provision available to students at Plymouth are equally available to you. They have some excellent online resources for all shapes and sizes of problems and concerns from study skills, support with applying for students loans, to telephone counselling.

Shine with Plymouth University

Shine with Plymouth University
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