Training an existing member of staff

Increasingly, companies are looking to nurture potential from within their company as recruiting new staff can be expensive, stressful and time-consuming. Once you have strong staff, it makes good business sense to try and retain them.

If you have a strong member of staff, it of course makes good business sense to try and retain their skills. A fantastic way of doing this is offering them training through an apprenticeship, particularly as training a new member of staff can be expensive, stressful and far more time consuming in comparison.

Apprenticeships can provide a structured staff development programme to ensure that staff are working in line with or above national benchmarks. This added level of training can maximise business efficiency, whilst helping the member of staff to remain happy and feel an important part of an organisation.

Petroc’s training team come from business backgrounds, bringing specialist skills and knowledge to provide you with comprehensive support and guide you to the most appropriate solution.

With extensive business knowledge, the apprenticeships team here at Petroc are able to provide comprehensive support, whilst also advising the best frameworks to help both business and employee grow.

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