Higher & Degree Apprenticeships

Higher and degree apprenticeships were introduced to provide employers with the high level skills most critical for growth.

The Government’s ambition is for it to become the norm for young people to achieve their career goals by going into an apprenticeship or to university – or in the case of some higher and degree apprenticeships – doing both.

Over 75 different subjects are currently covered through higher and degree apprenticeship frameworks (with more in development), ranging from legal services and banking to digital and aerospace, representing hundreds of job roles.

We currently offer higher & degree apprenticeships in the following areas:

North Devon Campus

Brannams Campus

Workplace Learning

Developed by employers for employers, higher and degree apprenticeships enable businesses to train more of their employees in the high-level industry specific skills that are critical for growth in the UK and internationally.

Higher and degree apprenticeships include a range of qualifications at a range of levels from the equivalent of a foundation degree to a bachelor’s degree and even master’s degree level in some sectors. Both of these types of apprenticeships are widening access to the professions and allowing young people and adults to earn while they learn at the highest level and progress into higher skilled occupations.

To learn more about how we can help you with both Higher & Degree apprenticeships, talk to our apprenticeships team today by calling 01271 852419 or email us at apprenticeships@petroc.ac.uk.