GCSE Maths & English for Adults

These courses are free, and are available in the daytime or the evening. There are no entry requirements. They are specially designed for adults who may not have studied for some time and who lack confidence.

For the first six weeks, from 12.09.16, you will work towards an OCR Cambridge Award in Maths or English, which is assessed by a short exam. You will then be able to decide, with the tutor, if you want to enrol for the one or two year GCSE course. If you choose the two year option you will gain a qualification in Functional Skills Level 1 in the first year, develop your skills and confidence, and then progress to the GCSE.

GCSE Maths

Do you need GCSE maths for employment or university admission? Or do you just want to get the grade you missed at school? Come and join a friendly, supportive class and we will help you achieve your goal.

You will study fractions, decimals, percentages, patterns and sequences, data analysis, measurement, probability and algebra to name a few! 

The GCSE Mathematics can be studied as either daytime or evening classes. It is assessed by three final exams in June and there is no course work. Click here to apply for your GCSE Maths course today.

GCSE English

A GCSE in English can be your key to future success in work and education.

GCSE English involves reading a stimulating variety of texts and writing for different purposes and audiences, as well as taking part in speaking activities. You will also do coursework and prepare for the exam.
During the course you will read and analyse a number of written and spoken texts including letters, blogs, articles and podcasts and you will also study a novel. You will develop your skills by writing a variety of texts for different audiences and purposes as well as improving your spelling, punctuation and grammar.

The GCSE in English can be studied as both daytime and evening classes. Click here to learn more about classes available at our Mid Devon Campus. Click here to apply for your GCSE English course today.