Project Life – Employment

This programme offers learners hoping to go into employment the chance to learn vital employability skills.

More emphasis is put on gaining work experience, both through individual placements and taking part in the social enterprises run from the Liberty Centre.

Learners on this programme will gain an external certificate whilst still continuing their Maths and English studies. Less time will be spent in the classroom and more time will be spent concentrating on employability.

Learners who complete the two years on this programme can progress to the following:


Supported Internship

Project Search


Project Life – Community – new for 2016!

Project Life Community is for post 19 learners with severe learning disabilities who are likely to transition into the community rather than employment.

More emphasis is placed on accessing facilities in the community and developing the skills needed to have a happy, healthy adult life. Students will make links with community based provision to explore future options in the areas of work placement and/or supported living.

Learners follow either an internal or external certificate, again alongside Maths and English.

The programme includes continuing to take part in the Petroc social enterprises and alongside this, enrichment activities such as sport, cooking and art.

Learners who complete this programme could potentially move onto Project Life Employment, Supported Internships or Project Search. However, the majority of learners would transition from Petroc into Adult Services.

Supported Internships

Supported Internships are for young people with learning difficulties and/or disabilities aged 16 to 24 with a Statement of Special Educational Needs, a My Plan, a Learning Difficulty Assessment, or an Education, Health and Care Plan who want to move into employment and need extra support to do so.

The overall goal of Supported Internships is for young people with additional needs to move into paid employment.

The structured study programme includes on-the-job training with a local employer supported by expert job coaches, an employability programme looking at the soft skills of employment, vocational profiling to identify a student’s skills and qualities and the chance to study for relevant qualifications, where appropriate. The job coaches also provide support to employers, increasing their confidence of working with the young people and helping them to understand the business case of employing a diverse workforce.

Supported Internships reflect the following principles:

  • The majority of the young person’s time is spent at the employer’s premises.
  • Young people are expected to comply with real job conditions, such as timekeeping and dress code.
  • Systematic instruction, a method specifically designed to help people with complex learning difficulties learn new tasks, is used where appropriate.
  • Stretching learning goals are agreed including English and Maths.
  • Both the young person and the employer have support through a tutor and a formally trained job coach in line with the National Occupational Standards for Supported Employment.

We hope that learners completing this programme will either move into employment or onto Project Search

Project Search

Project Search is for young people ages 19+ with a learning disability or Autistic Spectrum Condition the skills to gain employment.

Based at North Devon District Hospital, Project Search offers interns the opportunity to work as part of the team in 3 different rotations or job roles. Interns get the opportunity to try 3, 10 week placements, giving them great exposure to a range of real life work situations.

Full supported training is given and support is available throughout from the onsite Project Search Team.

In the first year 86% of learners who completed Project Search gained employment.

We hope that learners completing this programme will be ready to move into employment or receive further support from other agencies.