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BA (Hons) Professional Development (Creative Industries)

A degree tells employers your capacity for research, problem-solving, critical thinking and communication skills are at an advanced level. It is the start of your career. Our honours degree programmes, enable you to apply for graduate roles, to develop your own business, or go on to postgraduate study, qualifying in a range of professions.

The BA (Hons) Professional Development (Creative Industries), awarded by the University of Plymouth, develops your professional knowledge and skills to engage with methodologies and theories required to pursue a career in the creative industries.

In your first year, you will initially study Theories and Methods. You will then be formed into multi-disciplinary teams, devising and carrying out a project that connects with a real work situation. The module concludes with you documenting your learning and its application. The second module, which will be delivered alongside the first module, will be specific to your subject area and will really help you advance in your chosen path.

The second year starts with a module called Globalisation from a Regional Perspective. Within this module, you will understand the concepts and issues surrounding globalisation and consider its impact on our region. In the last two terms of the second year, you will make a choice between writing a dissertation and choosing another module called Work-based Applied Research Project. As implied in the title of this module, this is about you engaging with your subject sector, employing the new learning that you gained on the course.

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Sep 2024 : North Devon : Part-time
Course Code : HEB022P (2024)
Level : Level 6
Duration : 2 Years

Cost : * Annual Fee £4500

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Assessment is all coursework led. Work is double marked and then sampled by the external examiner. Formative assessment is delivered through tutorials, and summative assessment is achieved in a variety of ways; written feedback is given to you within twenty days of assessment.

Entry Requirements

To enter the programme, you should have attained a Level 5 qualification, however, in the case of mature entrants, we may take into account previous relevant employment experience.


At present, this programme is the highest level qualification offered by Petroc, however, students who gain this qualification will be entitled, and encouraged, to enrol on post-graduate programmes such as MA, MBA and PhD study at a range of UK universities.

Facilities and resources

You will be studying at our Brannams campus, which offers vast resources to suit all approaches within the industry. This facility embraces a dedicated learning resources area equipped with PCs and Macs, core books and journals. When you are with us, you are a University of Plymouth student and as such, have access online to their library, ordering books to be delivered to Brannams and returned the same way. The learning resources area is staffed by a dedicated HE aware team. As well as these facilities, we have a time-based experimental room, print-making facilities and light, spacious studios.


Q: How much will this course cost?

A: For more information about course fees, please visit www.petroc.ac.uk/hefees

Q: How many days a week does the course run?

A: This can vary but you should expect to be on campus for typically one day for the majority of term time, with the expectation of self-study and research throughout the week.

Q: Will I have to buy a lot of materials?

A: We try to supply the basics to get you started but it depends on the direction your work takes; we always try to find creative solutions.

Q. Will I have to buy books?

A. Most of the core books can be borrowed and many resources are now online; again, as with materials, your tutor will guide you as to alternatives.

Q. What other opportunities are open to me at college?

A. We have several opportunities to present your research and work in our scholarly activity events and exhibition opportunities.

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Starting Date : 16/09/2024
Course Code : HEB022P (2024) North Devon Campus Apply

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