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Certificate in Understanding Behaviour that Challenges

In the UK alone, there are 30,000 people with a severe learning disability whose behaviour can challenge. However, behaviour that challenges is not limited to people with learning disabilities, which is why it is vital to raise awareness and understanding of this type of behaviour and its effects.

This qualification is designed to increase your awareness and understanding of challenging behaviour and its effects. By completing the qualification, you will develop an in-depth knowledge of challenging behaviour which could support progression onto other appropriate qualifications and into relevant employment in the education, training and health and social care sectors.

Units covered in this programme include:

– Understand behaviour that challenges: In this unit you will gain an understanding of how behaviour can be perceived as challenging. You will investigate the underlying issues that affect behaviour and the impact it can have on others.
– Understand behaviour that challenges
– Understand the reasons why people present with behaviour that is perceived as challenging
– Understand the impact of behaviour that challenges

– Understand how to support positive behaviour: In this unit you will gain an understanding of how to identify behavioural changes and triggers that may escalate behaviour. You will go on to investigate how strategies and support plans can promote positive behaviour. Legislation that protects the rights of the individual will also be investigated.
– Understand how to identify when an individual’s behaviour may escalate
– Understand strategies to support positive behaviour
– Understand how the rights of individuals are protected

– Understand the importance of effective communication and the management of behaviour that challenges: In this unit you will gain an understanding of the impact communication can have on the management of behaviour that challenges. You will investigate the role of positive reinforcement and techniques to de-escalate behaviour. You will also gain an understanding of referral services available to support yourself and the individual.
– Understand communication in managing behaviour
– Understand how to manage behaviour that challenges
– Understand the role of others in supporting individuals who exhibit behaviour that is perceived as challenging

– Understand the role of reflection and support for those involved in incidents of behaviour that challenges: In this final unit you will gain an understanding of the importance of reflection following an incident of behaviour that challenges. You’ll understand the consequences of their actions and how to maintain your own well-being.
– Understand the benefits of reflection following episodes of behaviour that challenges
– Understand the support available to maintain own well-being

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Anytime from Aug 2021 : Distance Learning : Part-time
Course Code : CMNX0034/21/AE
Level : Level 2
Duration : 15 Weeks

Cost : Free *

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Each unit is assessed through short answer questions of at least one paragraph. Assessments are completed online via our online assessment platform or you can request the paper-based assessments that you will need to post back to us.

Entry Requirements

You must be over 19 and have been resident in the UK for at least three years.

Aged 19 – 23 must hold a full Level 2 qualification.

There are no specific entry requirements for this course. This is a knowledge based qualification and therefore a good level of literacy, reading and writing is essential.

It will help if you have some background knowledge of working with individuals with challenging behaviour, either in education or the health & social care sectors.


You can enrol onto other Level 2 subject specific qualifications or progress onto higher level courses.

Facilities and resources

For learners wishing to study fully online, full details on how to access the platform will be emailed after your induction call.

For those requesting workbooks with online assessments, your books will be posted to you after your induction call. Once you have received these you will be emailed full details to access the platform.

If you want to complete paper-based assessments you will have the option to request these when you enrol.


Q: How long will this course take to complete?

A: This is a distance / home study course, so you can study at your own pace and at a time to suit you within a 16 week period. A subject specialist tutor will be allocated to you and you can email them should you have any questions relating to your course. It is important that you can work independently and be dedicated to set time aside each week for your studies, we recommend that you allow a minimum of 8 to 10 hours a week. Remember that your study time counts towards your CPD – Continuing Professional Development.

Q: How much does this course cost?

A: There is no cost for this qualification. However, if you do not complete your course inside the agreed timescale without a valid reason there will be a charge of £125.

Q: How do I apply?

A: To apply for this course click the Apply Now button or for further information call our Distance Learning Team on 01271 852354 or email pddistancelearning@petroc.ac.uk

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Staring Date : 01/08/2021
Course Code : CMNX0034/21/AE Distance Learning Apply

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