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Control of Legionella – Maintenance

With the increased publicity surrounding recent outbreaks of Legionnaires, effective water treatment is of paramount importance to those carrying out installation and maintenance of hot and cold water supply systems. The Legionella Prevention and Water Treatment Operatives course is a highly regarded industry qualification and is designed for installers who carry out work on water supply systems within residential properties.

It is vital that anyone involved in the control of Legionella, and in particular the Responsible Person, clearly understands their responsibilities and has an up-to-date knowledge of the latest legislation, our training can help you with this requirement.

Units covered in this programme include:
– The background of Legionnaires Disease
– What is the Legionella Bacteria
– Where and how does it multiply
– How is it spread and contracted
– How to comply with the law
– Duties, obligations and records
– Assessing risk
– Controlling and reducing risk
– Methods of treatment
– Prevention and disinfection
– Record keeping

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01/09/2021 : North Devon : Part-time
Course Code : SHCN0052/21/AF
Level : Level 1
Duration : 1 Day

Cost : Total Fee £150

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05/01/2022 : North Devon : Part-time
Course Code : SHCN0052/21/BF
Level : Level 1
Duration : 1 Day

Cost : Total Fee £150

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31/05/2022 : North Devon : Part-time
Course Code : SHCN0052/21/CF
Level : Level 1
Duration : 1 Day

Cost : Total Fee £150

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Course details


Theory based assessments will take place throughout the course.

Entry Requirements

It is advantageous to hold Unvented and WRAS Water Regulations certification prior to commencing this course.


This qualification will support you in your role in this industry.

Facilities and resources

Training takes place in our Gas Training Workshop which is fully equipped with up-to-date assessment technology to maintain current industry standard expectations.


Q: Is there parking onsite?

A: Yes, parking is chargeable at £1.20 per day.

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Starting Date : 01/09/2021
Course Code : SHCN0052/21/AF North Devon campus Enquire
Starting Date : 05/01/2022
Course Code : SHCN0052/21/BF North Devon campus Enquire
Starting Date : 31/05/2022
Course Code : SHCN0052/21/CF North Devon campus Enquire

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