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Engineering Operative (Maintenance) – Apprenticeship (Standard)

As an Engineering Operative Apprentice, you will learn how to carry out a range of engineering operations which could include ensuring machines and equipment used are maintained and serviceable, dealing with breakdowns, restoring components and systems; assembling and repairing machines; fabrication/installation of a wide variety of sheet fabrications and equipment; preparing materials and equipment for engineering processes.

During this apprenticeship, you will be required to learn the following knowledge, skills and behaviours:

– How to obtain the necessary job instructions, engineering drawings and specifications and how to interpret them.
– Relevant statutory, quality, environmental compliance procedures/systems, organisational and health and safety regulations.
– Your individual role and responsibility within the organisation
– Potential problems that can occur within the engineering operations and how they can be avoided.

– Work safely at all times, complying with health and safety legislation, regulations, environmental compliance procedures and systems.
– Identify and deal appropriately with any risks, hazards, hazardous situations and problems that may occur within the engineering environment.
– Demonstrate effective communication skills which include oral, written, electronic.
– Complete appropriate documentation accurately, efficiently and legibly using the correct terminology where required.
– Obtain and follow the correct documentation, specifications and work instructions in accordance with time constraints and the roles and responsibilities identified for the engineering activities, extracting the necessary data/information from specification and related documentation.
– Select and use appropriate tools, equipment and materials to carry out the engineering operation.
– Deal appropriately with any problems that may occur within the manufacturing environment.
– Work efficiently and effectively at all times maintaining workplace organisation and minimising waste.

– Personal responsibility and resilience.
– Work effectively in teams.
– Effective communication and interpersonal skills.
– Focus on quality and problem solving.
– Continuous personal development.

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Anytime from Aug 2021 : North Devon : Part-time
Course Code : AB08 (2021)
Level : Level 2
Duration : 2 Years
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A range of assessment methods are used throughout the framework which varies from on-line tests, assignments, practical tasks and observations.

Entry Requirements

You must have secured employment in order to start this programme and have a good basic education. Some employers will ask for GCSEs in English and Maths at Level 4 or above. Enthusiasm for your subject and a willingness to work hard are essential.


Upon completion of this apprenticeship, you could further develop your knowledge through a higher level apprenticeship.

Facilities and resources

As an apprentice, you will have full access to the college facilities.

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Starting Date : 01/08/2021
Course Code : AB08 (2021) North Devon campus Apply

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