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Foundation/Extended Diploma in Health & Social Care

If you are serious about pursuing an exciting, challenging career in health and social care, and have a genuine interest in finding out about the varying needs of people of all ages, then this study programme can give you a really valuable qualification that opens doors to university or employment.

The health and social care sector is a vibrant, ever-changing field of employment that requires the most dedicated, committed staff.

The first year of study will comprise of the following:
– Human Lifespan Development: Understanding human lifespan development, the different influences on an individual’s development and how this relates to their care needs.
– Working in Health and Social Care: Roles and responsibilities of health and social care practitioners and organisation. Some of the roles will be covered include social workers, occupational therapists, midwifery and care workers.
– Meeting Individual Care and Support Needs: Introduction to the values and skills that you will need to work in health and social care. Exploring the ethical issues that may arise and the challenges that are faced when providing personalised care.
– Principles of Safe Practice: Safe working practices are vital for protecting yourself and service users from harm and for promoting well-being.
– Supporting Individuals with Additional Needs: While working in health and social care, you may care for a full range of individuals who have additional needs. This unit gives you specialist knowledge that can be crucial to ensuring those with additional needs meet their full potential.
– Physiological Disorders and their Care: Different types of physiological disorders and how they are diagnosed and treated will be explored in this unit.

In order to gain the full Extended Diploma, the second year content will include the following:
– Anatomy and Physiology: Understanding basic human anatomy and physiology is essential to understanding how the body works. You should know how the body functions normally to appreciate what happens when something goes wrong.
– Enquiries into Current Research in H&SC: Research in health and social care potentially affects the health and wellbeing of everyone at each phase of their lives. You will investigate a current issue in H&SC using a literature search methodology.
– Promoting Public Health: Understanding the topic of how public health is promoted throughout the world, but especially in the UK. To obtain a higher grade for this unit you will need to evaluate how far health strategies meet the aims of health factors in Britain and how successful a recent health strategy has been.
– Work Experience in Health and Social Care: You will reflect on and develop the personal attributes and skills required to work in this sector. This is a practical unit that will teach you the benefits of work experience and provide a two-week placement opportunity in which you can develop, apply and reflect on knowledge and skills in a real-life situation.
– Psychological Perspectives: Psychology is a science devoted to the study of the human mind and behaviour. You will be introduced to several psychological perspectives and will be encouraged to not only understand them but also apply them to a work setting.
– Caring for Individuals with Dementia: A diagnosis of dementia can be a challenging experience for individuals and their relatives. By the end of this unit you should appreciate the importance of maintaining independence and dignity.
– Assessing Children’s Development Support Needs: Knowing about children and how to support them as they grow and develop are important aspects of working with young people. There are many factors that have impact on growth and development and you will have the opportunity to explore and understand this process. You will also learn about assessment methods.

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Sep 2022 : North Devon : Full-time
Course Code : FTB080 (2022)
Level : Level 3
Duration : 2 Years
North Devon campus Apply

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This programme is assessed through a combination of assessments and exams. There will be two exams in the first year, alongside a number of written assessments. In the second year, there will be one exam, one externally-assessed unit, as well as written assessments. Your work experience will also form part of your assessment.

Entry Requirements

To be accepted onto a Level 3 programme, you must hold at least five GCSEs at grade 4 or above, including GCSE Maths and English language.

You will need a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check before you start the course.


This programme enables progression to university or health care apprenticeships as well as a number of key worker roles in social care. It can open up all kinds of Higher Education options for you, including nursing, midwifery, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, social work and primary teaching.

Facilities and resources

We work closely with local organisations, to enable our students to experience real-life placements within the industry. You will have the opportunity to develop transferable, relevant skills which enhance your CV or UCAS application.


Q: Is this course suitable for a career in medicine, dentistry or secondary school teaching?

A: For these careers, you would need additional subject specific qualifications.

Q: Do I need a Level 2 qualification in Health and Social Care to study at Level 3?

A: No, you can begin to study this subject area at Level 3.

Study Programme

Every full-time student at Petroc will have their own Study Programme which will include:

– Your academic or vocational qualification.

– Maths and English Language development – if you have not achieved GCSE grade 4 in either of these subjects.

– Work Experience – hours will vary depending on your qualification and course level.

– Tutor Support – to support your personal, academic and professional development.

– Sustainability – helping you to identify how you can improve the sustainability of your future employment sectors.

– Personal Development Awards – developing six key areas of personal and employability behaviours to prepare you for the working world.

As this course requires you to undertake work placements with children and/or vulnerable adults, a DBS check is required.

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Staring Date : 12/09/2022
Course Code : FTB080 (2022) North Devon campus Apply

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