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GCSE Mathematics (Daytime)

If you feel that the Maths grade you got at school is holding you back or perhaps you want to be more confident helping your kids with their homework, we can help in a supportive adult environment.

A GCSE in maths can be your key to future success in work and education.We really want to help you see the connections and relationships in quantities and numbers first and foremost. Of course you will study fractions, decimals, percentages, patterns and sequences, data analysis, measurement, probability and algebra to name a few, however the most important access is to gain confidence and belief as these are the keys to allowing you to push on and use the resources available to develop your own skills.

Studying GCSE Maths can be done during the day (Thursday, 9:30am).

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Sep 2021 : Mid Devon : Part-time
Course Code : PTT247 (2021)
Level : Level 2
Duration : 1 Year

Cost : Total Fee £413

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Course details


The course is assessed by final exams in June. There is no course work. Regular homework will be set.

Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements, however, we may ask you to consider an alternative stepping-stone qualification before GCSE if you need specific help with basic English skills.


You could progress to a number of level 2 vocational courses or level 3 courses such as Access to Higher Education (which is a one year course equivalent to three A-levels as a stepping stone to university) or even a Foundation Degree. You may wish to consider studying pre-access at level 2 alongside GCSE Maths or English to give you a broader set of study skills.

Facilities and resources

Learning resources will be supplied within the classroom but it is recommended that you buy a text book for home study. You will also need a scientific calculator and a geometry set. The lecturer will advise on the best calculator to buy.


Q: I wasn’t very good at maths at school. Is this the right course for me?

A: Many adults find that things they found baffling at school are now surprisingly easy! However, there is a lot to cover in one year and you might find this challenging. This is why we spend the first six weeks assessing your skills and seeing how quickly you make progress. We can then advise you if GCSE is the right course. If you choose not to continue you won’t leave empty handed; everyone will take an OCR Award in Maths in the first six weeks.

Q: What can I do if I don’t feel able to complete the GCSE in one year?

A: We also offer a pre-GCSE class, which allows you to take two years to achieve the GCSE. In the first year you would work towards a Functional Skill at Level 1 and improve you maths skills and confidence in preparation for completing GCSE in the following year.

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Staring Date : 14/09/2021
Course Code : PTT247 (2021) Mid Devon campus Apply

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