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Logistics and Transport Operations Management (IoSCM)

This course is delivered by the Institute of Supply Chain Management and is designed for individuals aspiring to senior management roles within the logistics and transport sector. Whether you are looking to train your team, or to enhance your own knowledge, this course provides the knowledge and skills required to advance successfully in logistics careers.

The course equips you with skills and knowledge across a range of areas, depending on the units you choose to study.

The flexibility of the units allows you to customise all of our transport management courses, so they’re entirely tailored to you. You have the benefit of choosing units that will enhance your current job performance, as well as equipping you with the skills needed to take your career to the next level.

The Level 5 Logistics and Transport qualification is available as a Diploma. However, we also give the option of working towards an Award or a Certificate, if you would prefer to take a less comprehensive course which can be completed more quickly, and an Extended Diploma if you would like to take your studies further. The different levels of qualification can be explained as follows:

Award support over 6 months: A Level 5 Logistics and Transport Award consists of one core unit. This is the shortest Level 5 qualification, and could be a good option if you would like an introduction to one specific topic. This course will help to increase your knowledge in one key area, but it won’t give you a more detailed overview of the logistics and transport industry as a whole.
Certificate support over 18 months: To complete a Level 5 Certificate, you will need to study one core unit and two additional units (either core or optional). This will help you to develop your knowledge across a number of key topics, but is not the same full qualification as the Level 5 Diploma.
Diploma support over 24 months: The Diploma is the full version of our Level 5 Logistics and Transport qualification, so it is much more in-depth and comprehensive than the Award or the Certificate. To get the most out of your Level 5 course and give you the best chance of taking your career to the next level, the Diploma is your best option. In order to complete the Level 5 course, you will need to study one core unit and three additional units (either core or optional).
Extended Diploma: If you would like to take your studies further, we also offer a Level 5 Extended Diploma in Logistics and Transport. To achieve the Extended Diploma, you will need to complete one core unit and five additional units (either core or optional).

– Warehousing
– Transport management
– Ports and shipping management
– Movement of goods
– Logistics
– Inventory

– Sea freight
– Road freight management
– Risk management
– International freight management
– Finance management
– Supply chain management
– Quality management
– Procurement management
– Production management
– Operations management processes

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13/09/2021 : Distance Learning : Flexible
Course Code : PTB585
Level : Level 5
Duration : 6 Weeks
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Assignments are completed and submitted via the IoSCM Learning Platform. Assessments are based around the assessment criteria and learning objectives. Word counts will vary through levels of study.

The following provides examples and explanations of the most common forms of assessment methods:

– Expert witness/witness testimony

– Product evidence

– Professional discussion

– Recognition of prior learning


By completing each level of logistics training, you will increase your value to your employer, as well as progressing your career and increasing your earning potential.

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Staring Date : 13/09/2021
Course Code : PTB585 Distance Learning Enquire

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