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Marine Industries – Skills Bootcamp

Skills Bootcamps are free, flexible courses of up to 16 weeks, giving people the opportunity to build up sector-specific skills and fast-track to an interview with an employer. 

During this course, you will be introduced to the history, significance, and global impact, alongside explorations of various sectors within the Marine industry: shipping, fishing, aquaculture, offshore energy, marine tourism, and more.

The course will identify current trends and challenges in the marine industry, which will include:
– An overview of international maritime laws and conventions, with an understanding of national regulations and environmental policies.
– Looking at case studies on legal issues and their implications on marine industries.
– Understanding of maritime transportation systems: ships, ports, and terminals and analysis of logistics operations in marine industries.
– An introduction to containerisation, bulk cargo, and intermodal transportation.
– An introduction to the exploration of offshore oil and gas exploration, renewable energy sources: offshore wind, tidal, and wave energy alongside technological advancements and future prospects in offshore energy and provide an overview of emerging technologies: marine robotics, autonomous vessels, and underwater drones.
– Looking at career pathways and opportunities in the marine industry.

Your learning outcomes will be:
– To understand the development of the marine industry, the constituent sectors, trends & challenges.
– To discuss and evaluate the role of maritime law, national regulations and related environmental policies.
– To understand and assess the commercialization and innovation opportunities of the marine environment in regard to transportation and energy production.
– To develop an overview of marine and ecology considerations in the marine environment.
– To work effectively as part of a group.

This is a certificated course.

For more detailed information, please contact projects@petroc.ac.uk.

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Sep 2024 : North Devon : Part-time
Course Code : PTB683
Level : Level 4
Duration : 13 Weeks

Cost : Free

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Assessment will be in the form of coursework with a final evaluation of emerging marine technologies and a presentation to invited groups and peers from Marine Industries.


The skills level attained will be equivalent to a Level 4. You will likely move into the following occupations on successful completion of the Skills Bootcamp: Sales/Account Manager in the Maritime Sector, Shipping Broker, Oil Driller, Bosun, Ordinary Seaman (OS), Ship Building Engineer, Ship Builder.

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