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Mental Capacity Act (CPD)

The Mental Capacity Act (2005) is a key piece of legislation that protects the rights of individuals who lack capacity, as well as providing legal protection to those who provide care, support and treatment for individuals who lack capacity. The Act also outlines what constitutes as restraint and the factors which make restraint lawful.

By completing this course, you will be equipped with a greater understanding of the importance of the Mental Capacity Act (2005), the key elements of the Act and restraining an individual who lacks capacity. This official CPD course is perfect for an introduction to a subject or a subject refresher.

Units covered in this programme include:

– The importance of the Mental Capacity Act (2005): This first section covers how the Mental Capacity Act (2005) empower people to make decisions for themselves and protects people who lack capacity, as well as why effective communication is important when working with a person who may lack capacity, amongst other topics.

– Key elements of the Mental Capacity Act (2005): This section explores the five statutory principles included in the Mental Capacity Act (2005), as well as how the Act gives legal protection to workers providing care and treatment for individuals who lack capacity, amongst other topics.

– Restraint: The final section covers that range of actions that amount to restraint, the factors which make restraint lawful under the Mental Capacity Act (2005), and the actions that are necessary to ensure that a person is lawfully deprived of their liberty.

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Anytime from Aug 2021 : Distance Learning : Part-time
Course Code : SHCX0111/21/AF
Level : Level 1
Duration : 5 Hours

Cost : Total Fee £50

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This course will be automatically assessed online and you will receive an e-certificate upon completion.


Upon completion of this course, you may wish to study the following courses: Mental Health Awareness, Leading and Motivating a Team, Principles of Customer Service.

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You will need access to the internet.

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Staring Date : 01/08/2021
Course Code : SHCX0111/21/AF Distance Learning Apply

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